Good Morni----WHAT??!? MARY DIED?!?!?

By Ingrid

I don’t like video games, mainly because I can’t figure them out. I have the thumb/eye coordination of a newborn baby, the attention span of a kindergartener, the schedule of an adult with a fulltime job, and the arthritic back of a Wal-mart greeter -- none of which lend themselves to the art of video gaming.

My love for the Beatles, however, outshines my dislike of video games, so I will love this preview for the Beatles version of Rock Band as I would love my own child.

WHOA. Hold the post. I just found out Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary died! DIED! She’s dead, which means she's really gone -- FOREVER, unlike my childhood cat Star-in-the-sky, who just ran away and will come back anytime now.

There goes my last childhood hero. The rest of this post will be PP&M themed.

This is the saddest and best of their songs, in my opinion.

Wait, this one's also sad and good:

When I watch this video it is like a Christian watching a video of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Mary, Joni Mitchell, and Mama Cass. Amazing voices.

That's right, I just subjected the readers of OYIT -- a bunch of hip twenty-somethings -- to an entire post about one of the squarest folk bands of the 1960s.

I'm going to go cry into my teddy bear now.


  1. I like the song "500 Miles", too, but I heard it on the Flatt & Scruggs Live at Carnegie Hall 1962 album. The verses are different and they don't do the 1, 2, 3, 4, 500 miles part.

  2. i'm so sad about mary. her version of "lonesome valley" with joan baez at newport was one of my favorites. i wish there was a youtube vid of that! RIP

  3. My brother is going to buy Beatles Rock Band.

  4. I like that 500 miles song too especially the part where the guys go back and forth singing 'dah da dah dah' then they both sing 'dun dun dun dudle dun dudle dun dudle dun dun dun'


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