Top Ten Search Referrals To One Year In Texas 20,000+ Edition

By Bub
To Commemorate O.Y.I.T.'s success milestone I wanted to dust off an old gem (to mix metaphors):

10. Steve urkel essay
9. zack morris' mom singing puff the magic dragon
8. "like a beast" -w.a.s.p
7. shakira cancer diagnosis
6. lady gaga coming to texas
5. is steve urkel gay
4. Fish Puns
3. how's the important people are in r.l.stine's life
2. Sara Gilbert nude
1. Jeffrey Jones pedophile?


  1. The answer to #5 and #1 are both yes.

  2. #3 is actually the funniest OYIT search referral I have ever read. You can just imagine Vern with his dial up internet connection and Windows 99, drinking Five O' Clock Whiskey at 3p.m., wondering to himself where all the people that he used to loved have gone, eventually coming to the infinitely sad conclusion that the only people left with whom he felt a real relationship with were figures from his childhood, and instead of crying himself to sleep or having a life-altering realization that he has to change things about his life very drastically, he pauses for a moment, then slowly types a search into the Google search-bar... The rest is history.

  3. 7. shakira cancer diagnosis

    A real Shakira fan wouldn't have to google it because as President of her Missouri fan club I sent out the results of her cancer tests over Twitter right when I found out from her.

  4. I like #9. That episode of SBTB is one of the episodes in the serialized Zack and Kelly break up story.

  5. OMG, shakira has cancer?!!? can't you guys ever write about happy things?


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