Life With Mikey [10-05-09]

By Mikey

Have any of you been watching the Jay Leno prime time show? Some of my friends say it's not as funny as when he was on the Tonight Show. I've been hesitant to watch it, but I'm really missing Headlines and Jay Walking. Should I be watching this show?

Apple pie is fine, but cherry has a nice zing.

Parker Lewis Can't Lose was a very good show, although it was a bit under the radar.

My wife was going to plant a garden this summer. Surprise, she didn't!

The Monkees TV show is a lot funnier than any of The Beatles's appearances on Ed Sullivan.

Poaching an egg is too much work for breakfast. I'll just get a Sausage McMuffin like an ordinary Joe, unless it's one of those rare days my wife whips something up.

People who are addicted to pills get no respect from me.

I still take Flintstone chewables.

Cheerios are worse than styrofoam.

No bands have guitars in them anymore.

Does Kanye West still wear those sunglasses that are just plastic lines? Man, I hate that guy.

Do college girls drink water anymore or just Red Bull?

I need to get Third Rock from the Sun on DVD.

I don't understand a word they're saying on the Wire. They might as well be speaking Chinese.

Captain Caveman was one of the hairiest cartoon characters. He was like Cousin It on Adams Family, but more realistic.


  1. I disagree with your controversial opinion on cherry pie.

  2. Man, Mikey, take it easy on your wife! I don't see you planting any gardens!! You just spend all your time watching Captain Caveman, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and Parker Lewis can't lose!!!

  3. as a female who is in college, i can tell you that we still drink water!!! mostly just congress vodka, but water too!

  4. Why use guitars when you can auto tune? Also, for a fan of The Mokees TV show, I don't think you can ask where all the guitars went. The Monkees didn't even play their own instruments!

    And I'm with Bub. Why don't you pitch in with breakfast and the garden every once in a while if you really want them?

    Maddie, you go to a private school. In the state schools it's all Long Island Ice Teas and cranberry vodkas.

  5. i work with a college student who drinks red bull ALL the time. even when she drinks it's vodka and red bull and i hear things so i think the water drinkers may be a rare breed.
    also have you ever HAD apple pie? i mean AWESOME apple pie? i'm still waiting to have the most AMAZING cherry pie ever. still waiting.....get that wife of yours to whip me up something douche-bag.


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