Good Morning from A Year in Sex Note

By Nate

Moron gin god anagrams!

I found this anagram site last night and was playing around with it. I then thought to myself, "I wonder what "oneyearintexas" would yield from this thing." So I typed it in and got exactly 71429 results, but I only skimmed through the first 1000 and then a couple advanced searches. I picked out the cream of the crop and posted them for you in this Good Morning Post.

Random phrases:

Axe Senate Irony
Teensy Anorexia
Ye Anorexia Nest
Tsarina Eye Oxen
Exonerate Ya Sin
Axe Trainees Yon
Sea Onyx Trainee
Inane Texas Yore
Ear, Nose, Anxiety [Doctor]
Irate Exes Annoy
Erase A Tiny Oxen

The Yeti Series:

A Yeti Rose Annex
Earn A Yeti's Oxen
A Yeti Oxen Snare

The Sex Series:

Irate Sex, Anyone?
A Sex Trainee Yon
On A Sexy Retinae
A Sex Tire, Anyone?
Sex Toy Area Nine
Ye Neon Sex Tiara
One Sexy Iran Tea

And finally, The Yeti and Sex series:

No Sex Near A Yeti
No Yeti Sex Arena

Unfortunately, I did not find more phrases with the word "Texas" that are on par with these. If you think you are clever enough to come up with a wittier anagram than the ones I listed, please give it a try and post in the comments. Or you can follow the links above and see if you can find a good one that I missed. I suggest using the advanced search to find phrases with certain words.


  1. "one sexy iran tea" is actually the name of shirin ebadi's next book.

  2. "one sexy iran tea" is actually the name of shirin ebadi's next book.

  3. Can you put some English translation on this?

  4. Oh Phone Sex, the commenter. You're always using a verb as a noun while still in a verb context!

  5. haha! phone sex! you're my favorite member of the OYIT community. do you really mean it when you say those things on the phone to me??


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