By Jake 

It's Tuesday and hopefully everybody is calming down after the holidays. I didn't get to go back to my hometown, but I did watch a lot of episodes of Newsradio. It's not really comparable, but it is noteworthy. Please leave a comment telling me what presents you received for Christmas

Glenn requested that I go back to posting pictures I took in my Good Morning articles. This is a picture I took a few days ago when it was snowing like crazy. I think most of the Midwest got hit by this "blizzard." I will not believe that I'm in a blizzard until the snow is at least two feet high.

Hopefully next week I'll have more pictures to share.

Today's Song (click this to download it):
This song might be thought of as a novelty song, and maybe it is. I'm no Dr. Demento so I'm not a true judge of novelty tunes. This song is about combination Pizza Huts and Taco Bells, which is something we probably all relate to. The music on this remix (I have never heard the original, nor want to) is so good that it's hard to consider this novelty music. Yet, the lyrics are so dumb. It's a musical paradox.

Today's Joke:
What's a paradox? A place to park your two boats.

Enjoy your day folks. Also, you are allowed to click the ads. Just don't do it a shitload of times or we'll get banned like we did from Adsense.


  1. I should say what I got for xmas, too. I got an immersion blender, mandolin slicer, a Sansa Clip mp3 player and some Xbox 360 games.

  2. I got a fake Wii that only plays sports games. It is pretty awesome! Why are you talking about snuff films Jake?

  3. I thought somebody mentioned snuff films. I must have misheard.

  4. thank god your pictures are back.

  5. Snuff films are as real as the movie 8MM. I didn't get anything for Christmas because I don't celebrate it. But my parents did extend the warranty on my car.


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