Good Morning Sometime

By Hot Rod 

Good Morning

Morning is the time when the Lord whispers into the moon's ears and then sets it on fire. In a far off land it's 5 o'clock somewhere I heard in a song. That means that those people got up really early to go to the beach. Which reminds me, how much wood does a wood chuck? Get it?! Good morning.

Today's chocolate is: candy bar.

Today's Rock and Roll is: awesome.

Today's tears are: sad.

I got good Christmas gifts for the holidays. I hope you did too. If not Santa Claus must've seen you that time when we peed off the balcony. T.M.I.! T.M.I. is where you abbreviate words to letters to make it sound like you're a computer. I don't know how to use the computer so I abbreviate things to make up for it.

Today's money is: broke.

Today's milk is: refreshing.

Today's Satan is: The Devil.

I hope you have a Happy New Year today. I know New Year's is not today but what's to stop us from partying everyday? We'll smoke cigarettes and listen to Judas Priest. We can even drink the juice out of unfrozen freezer pops just like on the real New Year's. But don't tell Ma'! Or better yet, tell her and she can buy the freezer pops. I like the blue kind the best.

Today's freezer pop: red.

I know it's not as good as blue but that's what they said about the Lord and he showed them by setting the moon on fire. I don't think a blue freezer pop could ever do that! But that wont stop us from trying. Never give up, children. No matter what they tell you you have to persevere. That means to learn how to ride a horse. Which reminds me, orange you glad I didn't say banana? I know I am.

Good morning.


  1. I already posted a Good Morning, Hot Rod, you asshole! You're trying to steal my usual.

  2. Why does that make me an asshole, the voices in my head told me to post it.

  3. Hot Rod, don't listen to them, remember when they told you to watch Everybody Loves Raymond?!


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