The World Post, New Millenium Edition

By Bub 

John Gosselin was in the news this week, seen here attending the Down-Syndrome Elvis Convention in Branson, Missouri.

Republican Senate candidate in Illinois, Andy Martin, accused his main opponent Mark Kirk of being a homosexual. Martin then went on to declare his opponent an advanced degree-holder and a non-racist.

Here is a recent photo of attempted terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. The FBI wanted to put Abulmutallab on the no-fly list prior to the infamous incident based on a new but until then unproven theory - 'terrorists don't iron'. Once again civil liberties groups sided with the terrorists.

Barack Obama tries to convince Taye Diggs to serve as Secretary of Sexiness.

Levi Johnston explains why he loves the band Journey so much while Bristol Palin glances past him to a 'Don't Tread On Me' flag waving Ted Nugent.

Former Congressman Mark Foley was asked this week his thoughts on the Republican alternative to health care reform. After several attempts, Foley finally took his chin from his hand, shook himself out of a daze and replied, "Where are the unattended gay children?"

A baby learned this week why American President Jesus called her Daddy up to the big battle in the sky. When told Jesus was born in Israel not America the mother demanded to see His birth certificate.

Tyra Banks said goodbye to daytime TV this week. "She'll be missed" said Sports Illustrated from fifteen years ago.

Vladimir Putin emerged from his underwater catacomb upon learning of a nearby Jonas Brothers concert.

Lady Gaga implores a new generation to not be deceived by the pseudoscience of chiropractic practitioners. "I may have a Poker Face, but I cannot hide my disdain for the dubious medical benefits afforded by chiropractic treatment."

Iranian dissidents took to the street this week during the holy day Ashura. Demonstrators can be seen here defiantly protesting burning-street-garbage.

Charlie Sheen was arrested for domestic violence this week which tied in with a recent Two and a Half Men story line where Sheen teaches his nephew why women are worthless and worthy of physical violence.

And finally Tiger Woods is good at golf and devastated by his personal failings in his family life. What is the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa Claus? Santa Claus' life isn't ruined by visiting every woman's bedroom in one night. But in case that was too much of a groaner, the real difference: Santa Claus is a eunuch. He has no genitalia to perpetrate adultery with.


  1. I loved your joke about Tiger Woods and Santa at the end. Great stuff and glad to see it back on OYIT.

  2. haha. my mom told me the real tiger woods vs santa joke the other day. i like yours much more.

  3. This was amazing. I want to read it again!

  4. This was a better way to close 2009 than what I had originally planned: mass suicide.

  5. I certainly hope this is reoccurring as it was the loveliest article I've had the pleasure of reading today, far surpassing my own.


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