Good Morning, I Love You

By Bub 

Have I let you know lately how much I love you? It is a lot. My love for you burns with the heat and pungent smell of a giant tire fire. My love for you is so strong that if used as an adhesive, you could glue a hard-hat, with a guy wearing it, to a steel beam fourteen stories up. My love for you is so enduring it will last longer than Magic Johnson's battle with AIDS - it will even last longer than yours.

Today's Devotional: Gayatri Mantra

This devotional has three parts - praise, meditation and prayer - and is said to embody the nine 'colours' - (1) Om (2) Bhur (3) Bhuvah (4) Suvah (5) Thath (6) Savithur (powers) (7) Varenyam (8) Bhargah (9) Dhevasya. The colours translate loosely to:

Om: The primeval sound
Bhur: the physical world
Bhuvah: the mental world
Suvah: the celestial, spiritual world
Thath: That; God; transcendental Paramatma
Savithur: the Sun, Creator, Preserver
Varenyam: most adorable, enchanting
Bhargah: luster, effulgence
Devasya: resplendent,supreme Lord

The simple devotional verse is as follows (repeat serenely upon each exhalation): "I am not going to pay a lot for this muffler."

Today's Muffler: Meineke

At Meineke we know Exhaust. Whether you just need a clamp fixed on your muffler, or you are interested in custom performance exhaust systems, Your Local Meineke Shop can get the job done!

With highly trained exhaust system technicians and the capability to custom bend exhaust pipes to fit any make or model of vehicle, Meineke is the place to bring your vehicle for all your exhaust system needs!

Today's Prediction: After paying too much for a muffler you will try to calm down through meditation. This will not work as a pungent tire fire in the vacant lot next door is distracting from your breathing techniques with its sour smell. You will gallantly extinguish the tire fire and be awarded the Mayor's Presidential Medal of Freedom, for helping the citizens of your town become free from tire fires. Just when you have everyone fooled you set off the explosives you planted around the reception hall where the award ceremony was being held. Make you pay too much for a muffler? And get away with it?! Not a chance, town full of blown up people.


  1. And this is exactly why I've always given Bub a reasonable quote on his muffler.

  2. THANK YOU!!!!! i thought we were going to go without a GM post today. i really needed one this morning. this has literally made my day.

  3. You know I wouldn't let that happen Maddie! Ingrid must have gotten eaten by those wolves she loves so much

  4. oh my god, i'm sorry, oyit! my internet is down at home, and now i'm in springfield and only occasionally by a computer. i will write the wednesday one next week, i promise!

  5. Don't feel bad, Glenn and I didn't do a debate today.


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