good morning OYIT

By Ingrid

oh, my god. OYIT. this is -- this is really embarrassing. i'm ashamed. how does one apologize when one has abandoned one's closest friend for the better part of the fall 2009 semester?? one doesn't. one simply comes crawling back with one's tail tucked between his or her legs, begging for forgiveness.

i'm not really begging for you to take me back, actually -- don't think that. i have plenty of other websites, many of them hotter and younger than you. it's just that i have one more paper to complete in what will surely come to be known as the Least Successful Semester In My Academic Career, and i needed something to distract me besides that weird alien anti-christian spiral that's been spiralin' over norway.


you think i'm kidding? watch the following videos, directed by stefan nadelman. i would marry this guy in a heartbeat -- or at least i would consider marrying his work.

"i say fever" by ramona falls. 0:49 - tell me you aren't scared by the creepy bird-walk.

"evil bee" by menomena. cubicles, man. cubicles. we're greasing the machine with our honey. or something.

anyway, good morning, and see you in three months.


  1. It's been a long time since I've seen music videos or Ingrid on OYIT. Welcome back for one post, Ingrid!

  2. We should have a meeting about bringing them back.


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