Life With Mikey [12-14-09]

By Mikey

My wife still has three bags of Turkey in the freezer from Thanksgiving. Looks like it's time substitute turkey for hamburger in Hamburger Helper, which we usually eat once a week. I never get tired of the stuff.

Tiny Tim's voice was gold, like the kind Rumpelstiltskin made out of straw.

Who would take a pottery class in 2009?

What is Tex-Mex? It sounds like something I'd be interested in.

A mustache is the only piece of jewelery a man should wear.

Novelty music has taken a real hit during this economic trouble we're having.

I can remember when pogs were really popular. Those were the craziest four days of my life.

When it snows enough to have to shovel the sidewalk, I'm going to pretend to throw my back out and make my son do it.

I haven't had a chicken pot pie in at least five years. I'm going to ask my wife to get some right now.

I'm excited to hear that Lilith Fair is returning. I'll finally be able to see Sarah McLachlan the way she was meant to be heard-- in a festival setting.

I didn't even know America had a pro soccer league until last week.

Where are the 10,000 Maniacs when you need them the most?

When was the last time you heard somebody talk about Sporty Spice?


  1. You're talking about Sporty Spice.

  2. My maternal grandfather died shoveling snow Mikey, so that's actually something you should do.

  3. Tex-Mex DOES sound interesting Mikey!!

  4. Novelty music did take a hit! The Flight of the Conchords was canceled!

  5. there's a lot of good music talk here: sarah mclachlin, 10,000 maniacs, tiny tim. i am unashamedly still a fan of natalie merchant, although i never liked mclachlin or tiny tim. except "tip toe through the tulips." who DOESN'T love that song?

  6. I'm sorry, I thought that was a Christmas Carol reference. What the frick is Tiny Tim?

  7. He was always on Rowan and Martin's Laugh In.


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