Is it Still Morning When You Cry?

By Jake 

Greeting space cadets. I just woke up and was literally floored to see that Ingrid once again didn't post a Good Morning article. After breaking my favorite Hummel Figurine out of anger I decided to pick up my pen and paper and write it myself.

I wasn't really expecting to do this so I don't have anything planned. Why don't I briefly talk about the changes I made to OYIT yesterday? I'll add swears to it to keep your fucking attention.

First of all I designed a new favicon. Did you know that it's really hard to make something that small? I probably could have made it big and then smalled it down, but I only thought of that right now. It's not great, so if you want to make a favicon, then by all means...

Also I added a forum, which is linked to on the nav bar. I don't know if people will use it, but you can. You could ask Hi Katy questions there, even. Katy is going to be bringing that feature back soon. Can you wait? I fucking cannot.

Do you have a blog or website? We would be interested in exchanging links with you. It would help both of us so why wouldn't we do it? This is a question you must ask yourself before you give us your blog name and we both become so rich even our shit will be made out of gold. We'll have to get it surgically removed, but it'll be worth it.

Do you like clicking ads? Why not give ours a click? It will give me money so I can pay to get us listed on Yahoo or buy DVDs of California Dreams. Speaking of California Dreams, I'll be receiving the third and fourth seasons of Saved by the Bell on DVD soon, thanks to Glenn. You should be seeing more reviews of Saved by the Bell episodes done in a similar way to the most read article on OYIT: The Tragic Break up of Zack and Kelly.

Thank you and I love you all (even the racists).


  1. Anybody want to write a GM for Wednesday every week?

  2. I think this was wonderful and the updated information was quite needed. Hi Katy questions via forum is the best idea ever. You should make a section for it/make me a moderator.

  3. I want to be a moderator of something. Can I be the moderator of ridiculous comments? What does a moderator do? Oh, I love how in this article you say smalled down rather than scaled down. It was my favorite part minus the dis the Ingrid who by the way obviously left us for a greener pasture or maybe even a redder pasture depending on her preference.

  4. Keep the forum talk to the forums!

  5. so a forum and a moderator walk into a bar...

  6. This is how we're letting people know we have a forum. It's advertising.


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