One Week In-tertainment (1-16-10)

By Jake 

Ultra gay TV show Glee was picked up for a second season. ABC shows Cougar Town, The Middle and Modern Family were also picked up for another season.

Two more Fast & Furious movies in the works? You bet your ass, sweetheart!

Lindsay Lohan made a documentary where she investigates India's trafficking of women and children. That's kind of weird, huh? I like Lindsay Lohan becoming a super sleuth.

New MIA album coming out in the summer.

Jessica Biel and Emile Hirsch climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. I'm sure they had their reasons.

Heidi Montag released an album. I bet it's really good.

Heidi Montag also got a shitload of plastic surgery. That's pretty gross, huh?

Michael C. Hall of TV's Dexter has cancer. Get better soon, Mike!

Susan Sarandon is dating a young guy after breaking up with Tim Robbins. I'm sure next week people will be calling her a cougar on every shit show on TV.

Spider-Man 4 was canceled and Sony is looking to do a darker reboot. How dumb is that? Maybe Raimi will make Evil Dead 4 now!

It looks like next week is Conan O'Brien's last week as the host of The Tonight Show. NBC and Leno royally fucked him. If it wasn't for Thursday shows and Friday Night Lights I'd completely stop watching NBC. The talk show moment of the week was Kimmel laying into Leno to Leno's face (via satellite).

Jake's Take: Heidi Montag's Plastic Surgery
Heidi Montag is a favorite target of many television personalities and bloggers. She is a Paris Hilton type, who is basically famous for no reason. I literally have no idea why Montag is famous. I like her though. She has a weird naive charm. She praises God constantly on her twitter account. She's also a pretty attractive woman, yet she felt compelled to get plastic surgery. I'm not talking about getting bigger titties (which she did get), I'm talking about liposuction. I find this very depressing (not emotionally, just technically). I'm not going to say that she's sending a bad message to women or young girls, because if they have Heidi as a role model they are already completely fucked. It's just gross.

Peace to Our Fallen Homies:
Teddy Pendergrass
Jay Reatard


  1. when googling to see the sad truth about michael c. hall's cancer, i also found out that he was STRAIGHT. this is so shocking to me. how can david be STRAIGHT in real life?!~

  2. Modern Family is Amazing!

  3. Gary, where the hell have you been!?

  4. MIA also hates the new york times. check her twitter.

  5. wtf?! i thought susan surandon and tim robbins had fused into one being. i didn't think that could be un-done! wow.
    and get well michael c!!


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