You Should Have Worn a Helmet!

By Jake 

As a public service, I will be devoting Friday evenings to a new feature called You Should Have Worn a Helmet! This post will hopefully raise helmet awareness and persuade people to not attempt these pointless stunts. Some might see this as exploitative, but those are the exact people who say the same about Christianity just because it's popular right now.

I bet this asshole wished he was wearing a helmet!

This guy should have worn a helmet...on his balls!

What a dick!

These idiots are worse than a match featuring King Kong Bundy vs. Kamala.

Have a good video of somebody getting hurt who should have been wearing a helmet? Email it to me:


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  2. the skateboarder's shoe came off! How Charlie Brown!

  3. I remember when Cram it and Go Video went out of business they had all their VHS on sale for 50 cents. We bought a bunch of Faces of Death rip off called Traces of Death, and one called 911 Rescue. We thought the latter was going to be a Rescue 911 rip off, but to our delight it was really just a bunch of Western European and Asian awful car accidents. It was commentated by the worst Vincent Price impersonator ever, and during one particularly bad motorcycle accident were a man's head was impaled on a metal fence post during the extreme close up the commentator said "This guy could have used a helmet."

  4. i am a big supporter of helmets. it's dumb not to wear one. then again, i've never gotten a date while wearing mine. so...i guess you have to weigh the benefits against the risks.

  5. no helmet = maximum hilarity. i am grateful for the stupidity of others haha!
    i <3 this new addition.


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