Five Non-essential Firefox Personas

By Jake 

With the release of Firefox 3.6, Mozilla has included a new skinning feature that doesn't require you to restart your browser. They call these skins "Personas." They sit at the top of you browser under your buttons and address bar as seen in the picture below:

These Personas are meant to take Firefox to the next level of customizability. While many of the Personas feature floating shapes, lines and smoke or characters from your favorite TV show and Podcasts, some beg you to ask yourself whether or not they have a justifiable existence. Those are the ones that I'd like to take a look at today.

100 created by nicky63220

This MS Paint Persona of a $100 bill (and I'm being generous saying that this picture resembles anything) is a total travesty. I don't know what kind of person would want a $100 bill sitting at the top of their browser in the first place, but can you imagine what kind of maniac would choose this one?

AmericanPothaed created by Joe_the_Stoner

I will give Joe_the_Stone some credit, he made a decent looking American flag as pot leafs Persona. My problem with this one, and some of the others on this list, is who would ever want this? Pot is illegal in America, so the idea that the American flag would be a pot leaf is completely ludicrous.

Curves created by Starfleet

This Persona is titled "Curves," but a more apropos title would be "Cleavage." Curves would imply that you'd actually see some curves and not just some peach-fuzzy cleavage. Persona creator Starfleet has made some pretty good Personas otherwise, but this one is a miss.

Delicious Cupcakes created by x.Midnight.x

Who wouldn't want a Persona that expressed whether or not you think cupcakes are delicious? I would have to guess pretty much everybody. Cupcakes are very delicious, but this Persona tastes like a bucket of lukewarm bile.

Jessica Alba created by sandysthebest

Out of every Persona I looked through, this one has got to be the one that makes the least amount of sense. "Jessica Alba" by the self-aggrandizing Persona artist sandysthebest has very little to do with the titular actress. Maybe it's conceptual and I don't get it. What does "Esslaydeez" mean anyway?


  1. i don't really understand what these are, but i did just make "Curves" the background on my computer. THAT i could figure out.

  2. Holy smokes, this was great AND about Firefox!!!

  3. Finally something I can relate to. I love computer tech stuff! I dont like personas tho. I put it on a computer and it make firefox really slow. It was shit for a computer so it wasnt personas fault. But I blame the lame anyway. Nice work Jake! Can we have some jailbroken ipod touch app reviews next? Please!


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