Good Morning Doppleganger

By Glenn 

Good morning. Today's edition is going to have to be brief. I will make up for next week and then every week for the rest of my life. Right now I wanted to show you this doppleganger that I found. He lives in Chicago, Illinois and he's like me in EVERY way.

Today's Doppleganger

And then take a look at the first half of his info.

The similarities continue, and now take a look at his about me and contact information. I added him on Facebook and wrote on his wall, but what should I do now? Contact him? Visit him in Chicago? KILL HIM? Please leave your comments below.

Today's Prediction
I'm not going to kill some kid I don't even know! But I will find him and change his life.


  1. This is borderline creepy and I love it. I think you should tell him you are gonna make him visit you, then wait a week or two and start sending him love letters. then really really inappropriate but still trying to be seductive love letters with pink triangles and rainbows. But that is just my suggestion. Thats how I found my first wife.

  2. "And Remember the titans Great fucking movie who gives a shit if it was made my disney." pretty sure you've told me this verbatim before. AND his employer is the same as yours.

    congrats on the marines~! HOORAH

  3. I didn't realize There were two families that named their kids in a rhyme scheme.. Definitely kill him. Doppelgangers are effing creepy.

  4. If I killed all my doppelgangers on Faccebook, I would have to kill several dozen people!

  5. i would have to kill kathy bates!

  6. I was born in Chicago, too. This makes the plot thicken, though I'm not sure in which direction.


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