Good Morning, I Love You

By Katy 

Despite the burning IRS, the despicable dog-beating taking place in Iowa City, and my co-worker listening to Glenn Beck three feet from me, I AM IN AN AMAZING MOOD RIGHT NOW, and I'm here this morning to pass that onto you. But how? Should I show you cute kitten pictures? Tell stolen jokes? Transcribe Glenn Beck? Transcribe Glenn Beck telling stolen jokes about burning kittens? Actually, that would be fairly enjoyable. But no. Just a simple weather comic:

Hahaha. Global warming only exists if your hat recognizes its existence! Gosh my sides are sore. I hope that helped you start your day off right. Let's roll right into theatrical releases.

Today's Theatrical Releases

  • The Ghost Writer (Rated PG-13 for successfully raping little girls and still being declared a decent person.)

  • Synopsis: When a ghost writer, charged with the exciting opportunity to complete the memoirs of British Prime Minister Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan) up and dies from a mysterious accident, the remaining pages are left to another; The Ghost (Ewan McGregor). He's flown out to a remote island mansion owned by the prime minister, and immediately finds himself amongst a press frenzy. News comes about that Lang may be in cahoots with the CIA, helping them torture one suspected terrorist after another. The Ghost is struck with the possibility that Lang may have a pretty gritty past with the CIA, and the unfortunate former ghost writer, having discovered this, may not have had an accident so mysterious. What to do, what to do?

    My Take: Ewan McGregor is just precious, isn't he? And who can't just picture Pierce Brosnan continuously poking suspected terrorist in the nose and then chortling queitly to himself? Though I'm put off by the cop out of naming the ghost writer "The Ghost" I can't see how this movie could be anything other than scandalously exciting, even if it is directed by a known criminal. This is Hollywood... do we really care?

  • Shutter Island (Rated R for Ruffalo; the man of my dreams.)

  • Synopsis:

    The place: Shutter Island
    The year: 1954

    The Story: An infamous murderess has escaped a high security mental hospital, seemingly without effort. U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) along with his new partner Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo) are sent to the island to investigate. An impending hurricane causes them to move the investigation along, but it only becomes more and MORE mysterious as the minutes fly by. It appears the hospital may be into some pretty shady business practices and I'm not sure that these two do anything about it, but that's why you watch the movie.

    My Take: If I was forced at machete point and asked to name my Hollywood crush, I would, exasperated and scared for my life, stammer out "Mark Ruffalo." In a life or death moment like that I wouldn't be able to even begin thinking of a man more beautiful and more properly facial-haired than Mr. Ruffalo. I've been known to chide people when they say they're going to see a movie solely because Liam Neeson is in it, but Mark Ruffalo IS my Liam Neeson. On top of that... the movie has a mental hospital! Throw in some religious mythology and you've got a Katy must-see thriller. Surprise--I do like movies!

    Today's Music Video:

  • Mother Mother Touch Up.

  • Mother Mother is a delightful little Canadian indie-rock band that has been singing direct to my soul for the past year. I adored their first album "Touch Up" mainly because every song is just a little different from the last. This past year they released their second album titled "O My Heart" which I've enjoyed, but not yet to the extent of their first. I can only assume it's better than Vampire Weekend, but I'll have to ask Jake or Glenn.

    Today's Quote:
    Is that a dog on my leg?

    -Glenn Beck


    1. This week there's finally a movie I want to see. Shutter Island is supposed to be great.

    2. katy, i LOVE mark ruffalo too. have you seen we don't live here anymore? with him AND peter krause? i had a boner that entire movie.

    3. Thanks Katy! What dog is being beaten in IC?

    4. Maddie.. I in fact own that movie. The way Mark Ruffalo's character cheats on his wife is both profound and exhilarating.

      Bub. I have no idea.. some 54-year-old was arrested for being a terrible human being.

    5. I WANT TO SEE SHUTTER ISLAND!! And you actually had me fooled, thinking there was a Ghost Writer remake coming out.

    6. you should go see shutter island glenn. the ending really reminded me of you--you'll be able to rel8 to leo. also, k8y--mark is HOT in it, as always.



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