Good Morning Liz

By Glenn 

Good morning. We have a lot to cover today, but first I'd like to talk a little bit about space. Did you know there is a planet out there that's kind of like Earth? It's not exactly like this planet we love to hurt, but it's close. Close enough that scientists are in the preliminary stages of colonizing this planet as a replacement for when we destroy Earth. I'd like to be part of the fifth wave of settlers to this planet but definitely not the first. My point is that I'm ready to try new things and go new places. I hope you are too.

Today's Weather
I'd like to talk a little bit about a place I used to live: Washington DC.

Over the last week, this city has been decimated with snow. It has faced more destruction than back in January 2001 when Bill Clinton's staff burnt down the White House and took all the W's off the keyboards. The picture above was taken from a friend's FB account and shows first hand how much snowfall they're dealing with. It looks like Marion Berry's house on a Friday night! I hope that Obama will consider this snowstorm a teachable moment that can be used to set right his legislative agenda for the rest of the year. I also hope people can go sledding.

Today's TV Show

As if there would be any doubt! I've been watching the shit out of this show over the past week. It's one of my favorite things to watch on MTV besides the shows about people drinking or young people being mothers. The confusing thing about the show is that it is filmed as if it is "reality" but does not appear to be. I guess this is fairly similar to most of the non-TLC "reality" programming these days, but the script is much better. Liz Lee is a high schooler in Texas who doesn't fit in because she's very liberal. Every single person on this site can relate to this. Give the below video a look.

Today's Life Decision

And for once it isn't mine. I talked to a friend for an hour last night who is trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life. She has a few options, but is inclining towards one that would have her start over in a new city. I felt I could not give her a good recommendation but I wanted to at least help her talk through it. We had a great conversation and I felt helpful. Is this what high school guidance counselors feel like every day? If so, please sign me up. I was like "Hi Katy" without the bluntness.

Today's Prediction

I will be accepted into an accelerated graduate program for high school counseling, and immediately will start giving advice to the characters on My Life as Liz. I will recommend to most of the characters that they attend college in Washington DC. They will, but their deaths in the great snowfall of 2013 will always plague my conscience. My only escape will be from scripted MTV reality television shows, just like it is now.


  1. i hope drea doesn't see this. she h8s my life as liz. i am literally stuck in dc right now. i've come to terms with never making it back to new york.

  2. (D.C.) has faced more destruction than back in January 2001 when Bill Clinton's staff burnt down the White House and took all the W's off the keyboards.


  3. I have never seen My Life as Liz, nor have I ever been sledding in Washington D.C. This post opened my eyes to incredible new worlds.

  4. Tina, Liz is a less racist version of you.


  6. I remember when Clinton's staff took all the W' off the keyboards. I was Republican then and was looking forward to keeping my guns and ...and way of life? I really didn't know what was going on politically in 2000.


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