Life With Mikey [2-08-10]

By Mikey 

It seems weird to me that nobody has thought of something better than an ashtray. They always want to change how you buy music or movies, but nobody seems to care where you put your cigarettes or cigars when you're finished with them.

Nobody even cares about adult contemporary but me. I'm sorry to vent, but it really chafes me.

I heard Jamie Lee Curtis was born a hermaphrodite. Is that true?

I don't understand the situation in the middle east, but I'm for peace every where. Sorry if that makes me sound like a hippie.

Is Hollywood going to make more super hero movies or what?

I'm hoping people will still think lifting weights is cool this decade.

People are pretty rude while driving aren't they? What's up with that?

How many songs do Cypress Hill have about killing people? I'm glad I listened to that before letting my son hear it.

Battleship is great, but what about non-grid based warfare?

I've got a good idea for a TV show; Fled: The Series.

Vending machines have a bad price, but you pay for the convenience. It doesn't seem fair, but if you're hungry you just got to deal with it.

What is a warcraft anyway?

I'd rather drink Surge than Mountain Dew, but if I had a choice I'd just chug an A&W as usual.

When the popcorn blows up that house in Real Genius...Sorry, that is just too funny. I'm sorry if I ruined that movie for anybody.


  1. I'm in favor of peace everywhere too Mikey, but these articles you write are quite counterproductive to that goal.

  2. Mikey, you are a simpleton, but I love you.

  3. you're hoping people will still think lifting weights is cool this decade? wtf???

  4. Damn it Mikey!!!@@ You've ruined Real Genius AND Weird Science for me!!

  5. Put some spoiler tags on that shit Mikey! You buffoon!

    Sidenote: Bub I work at the Coralville Co-op now some come get a samich next time your in town....I will make one that will knock your socks off!

  6. "It seems weird to me that nobody has thought of something better than an ashtray"

    It simply doesn't get any better than tray technology.

    Also, I bet if you typed all those questions into, they would tell you the answer.

  7. When I was high once I thought it would be an ingenious idea to make an ashtray computer mouse.

    Maybe that will be my weekly article..."Once when I was High"

  8. Of course Hollywood will make more super hero movies... Scott Pilgrim is soon to come our way. Get excited!

    Gary, that's my favorite Co-op! I will see you shortly for a delicious sandwich.

  9. Katy I saw your parents there one time, but I have never spoken to them before unless you count the time I drove you to a show in high school and your mom didn't want you to go because I was smoking in my car.

  10. Gary that is too inside for this website. Let's talk more about Mikey and hermaphrodites.

  11. fair enough

    Mikey you are a loveable goof!


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