One Week In-tertainment (2-06-10)

By Jake 

Danielle Staub from Real Housewives of New Jersey is a born again virgin, giving hope to falsified hymens everywhere.

The cast of Jersey Shore is returning for a second season.

Oprah got two new dogs for her bday. Happy bday O.

Parks and Recreation is coming back for another season.

Jennifer Aniston is remodeling her home for single life. Hasn't she been single for three years?

The Academy Award nominations came out this week. Glenn and I covered this nonsensical award show with an appropriately nonsensical predictions.

The shitty band Fall Out Boy has called it quits.

I bet some other stuff happened, but according to it was just people expressing their opinions.


  1. fall out boy splitting up AND parks and rec coming back?! best week in entertainment ever.

  2. A second season! Those crazy Jersey Shore-ers. I bet they get REEEEAL drunk this time!

  3. are you trying to get jennifer aniston as a spokesperson for this site or is there just that much news about her? and pics of her nips...
    and no more fall out boy? really?! this is a great beginning to our anniversary day.

  4. I hate Jersey Shore and had never watched an episode until this weekend. Now I plan to move there in the next few weeks.

  5. I watched three minutes of Jersey Shore and then I stabbed my eyes out. When I got to the hospital the nurse in the ER said, "It looks like we have "A Situation" here."


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