You Should Have Worn a Helmet! #2

By Jake 

I'm going to give this article another shot. People love seeing people not wearing helmets getting hurt. Some say it's karmic retribution, I just say: "You should have worm a helmet!"

This guy's boney maroney days are behind him, don't you think?

This moron should have been wearing ankle braces...he probably is now!

This guy thinks he's the Gorilla, the mascot of the Phoenix Suns.


  1. I guess people don't like seeing people get hurt as much as I suspected.

  2. i LOVE seeing people get hurt, both physically and emotionally. thanks jake!

  3. Wrong Jake! I loved seeing your feelings get hurt that no one posted comments on this article

  4. Yeah, if next week we could have some real emotional pain, a real sense of loss, I'd be on board with that.

  5. :(

    My feelings weren't hurt, but I don't wanna write an article that nobody wants to rad unless it has to do with hipster bands like Neon Indian or wrestling/Scott Steiner.


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