Life With Mikey [3-29-10]

By Mikey 

I just got done watching the Karate Kid. Great film, but I don't get why anybody would want to catch a fly with a pair of chopsticks. I would just try to kill it with a fly swatter.

Can somebody explain the rules of hopscotch to me?

Bill Cosby is the second best person who has ever lived after Jesus Christ.

Italy might be boot-shaped, but if I ever go there I'm only bringing shoes.

I have never seen a waterfall in person.

When is the next Ghost Rider movie coming out?

Even if somebody told me possum meat was great, I still think I'd pass on it.

Barbies might set the bar too high for girls, but GI Joe might set the bar too low for guys.

I cannot get enough of Sinbad's latest special.

Ziggy is my main inspiration.

I'd be honored to be called a hockey puck by Don Rickles, but it would still probably hurt my feelings.

Japan has a lot of cartoons about robots. I wonder why that is.

The jokes on Laffy Taffy are bad, but they're better than no jokes at all. That's why I don't buy Butterfingers.

Capoeira is so cool. It's better than dancing and better than fighting, yet it's somehow both.


  1. The jokes on Laffy Taffy are much worse than no jokes at all!!!

  2. Sinbad's new special is horrible!

  3. LOL. god you are SO FUCKING STUPID. i bet you're excited for the new karate kid movie (but so am i!@)!!

  4. Mikey.

    You throw your stone on the hopscotch "board." You jump the hopscotch board (usually one foot) in numeric order and skip the box with the stone it.


  5. 'I have never seen a waterfall in person.'

    Oh, Mikey, you really ARE a hockey puck.


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