Movie Review: Mannequin 2: On the Move

By Jake 

Mannequin 2 opens in the 17th Century. A prince is trying to marry a peasant girl-- obviously a terrible idea. The Queen is upset by this and therefore puts an enchanted necklace around the peasant girl's neck that turns her into a statue. This is possibly the most plausible part of the entire film.

We travel 1,000 years into the future, to 1991, I guess (I didn't do the math, nor will I). We are reintroduced to Mannequin mainstay Hollywood Montrose (ably played by Meshac Taylor). Hollywood is, in turn, introduced to his new assistant. His new assistant bears a striking resemblance to the prince from the opening. We also learn that the enchanted peasant girl statue is coming to their department store, and that true love can break the curse.

Hollywood leaves his assistant, Jason, to attend to the mannequins and the peasant girl, and he kisses the dummy (the statue, not Hollywood)! This kid has some serious problems, but lucky for him he removes her necklace and she's real and played by the great Kristy Swanson.

Jason and Kristy Swanson go dancing and return to his house for the night. It is implied that they make tender love. In the morning while Jason is making her breakfast, she puts the necklace back on and once again becomes a statue. Jason's mom catches Jason on top of the statue, in what appears to her to be a sexual act.

While everybody is freaking out that the peasant girl statue is gone, Jason returns her. He's pretty bummed out. Hollywood is tending to the mannequins when he spies that necklace and removes it and becomes a mannequin himself (oh, the irony).

Kristy Swanson goes on a shopping spree while roided up foreigners (her guards) look for her.

Jason finds Kristy Swanson and they go On the Move in an extremely tiny car. They are caught at Jason's house and Jason goes to jail. The peasant girl is once again a statue, now being guarded by the police.

Hollywood holds his presentation (pronounced many times throughout the film as present-tay-she-un) in which he sings and a bunch of jerks dance badly. Then the peasant girl statue is lowered from a UFO. Jason is there to intercept her. The creepy villain who I have made no mention of yet, because he only now becomes a factor to the plot-- gets up and tries to stop Jason. This leads to a fight in a hot air balloon. The necklace is placed around the villain's neck and he is turned into a mannequin. They throw off of the hot air balloon and he shatters into pieces, murdering him. THE END.

Should everybody see this film? Yes.
Is it good? No.
Is Mannequin 2 better than Weekend at Bernie's 2? That is debatable.


  1. HAHAHA @ weekend at bernie's 2. gr8 movie review. i'm going to start pronouncing presentation as present-tay-she-un.

  2. Haha. Why couldn't they get Andrew McCarthy back for this? Was he too busy?

  3. His Weekend at Bernie's 2 contract wouldn't allow him to appear in any other sequels for five years in order to not over shadow W@B 2.

  4. This was a great movie review. I love how Mshac is saying 'woohoo I'm black' in the poster!!

  5. Thanks for the summary, now I know what movies I've looking for (I saw on my childhood back then).. lol~

  6. The scene where she turns into a mannequin during intercourse becomes much more disturbing when you consider there was penetration involved at the moment of her transformation.

  7. Spoiler alert...some of these reviews spoiled the ending. ( however obvious it was going be.)


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