One Week In-tertainment (3-27-10)

By Jake 

Sandra Bullock's husand is sleeping with tons of women, some of them Nazis.

Outkast member Big Boi has signed to Def Jam records and will release his album on the label.

Chris Evans has signed on to play Captain America in the upcoming Captain America film. He played the Human Torch in the (decent) Fantastic Four movies.

Jerry Springer will be hosting a new game show called Baggage on GSN. Your prayers have been answered. If I never have to see it, mine will be answered too.

Katherine Heigl has left Grey's Anatomy! Whatarewegoingtodonow?

IFC has picked up The Kids in the Hall's miniseries Death Comes to Town and is bringing The Onion News Network to TV.

Justin Bieber said that he would date a fan. This one is for Maddie.

Rosie O'Donnel is going to return to daytime TV (seemingly to replace Oprah) in 2011.

Aziz Ansari is hosting this years MTV something Awards, whichever one comes sooner. Regardless, it's worthless.

For her upcoming book, Jenny McCarthy is investigating why men cheat. I'm glad she's seemlessly shifted careers to investigative journalist and author. I would have never expected it when I was j/o'ing to her when I was 13!

Sarah Palin is going to host a reality show about (I would guess) Alask, hunting and being a huge cunt.

A chapter has closed in Hollywood: The Hills has been cancelled.

In celebrity baby news, Jay-z and Beyonce are not expecting a child. Read more here.

Peace to our Falled Homies
Robert Culp


  1. He's on the funniest TV show!

  2. i wish roseanne barr was coming to daytime tv instead of rosie. who doesn't love aziz? probably people who h8 indians and/or funny people (either the type of human or the movie)!

  3. Human Giant?! BB on DJ oughtta be tight!! JMcC & AceVenT are splitsville!!!


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