One Year In Texas Annual Good Morning Miami Fan Fiction Contest: Latest Entry

By Bub 

Some would say this is an actual submission and that the ones I posted yesterday were just ones I wrote and made up not-even-clever names for the contributors.

Some people go to see a chiropractor.

Some people remove their representatives from the U.S. when it officially recognizes the Armenian genocide.

Some would nibble the errant cheese off of their Egg McMuffin wrapper this morning.

This apparently is just a list of things some people would do...

Some, still, would submit their entries to the One Year Annual In Texas Good Morning Miami Fan Fiction Contest to

Here's the next submission, enjoy!


Jake Silver: I can't believe how low the ratings are here at this station in Miami. That's it! I've got it! The solution to our low-rating blues.

Sister Brenda Trogman: I hope it has nothing to do with firing me. I am a nun after all.

Jake: Yes, you are a nun and you do the weather. That is quite something. You are the only thing interesting on this station. Who better to tell us the weather than a woman who has God's ear.

Sister Brenda: Aye! Luckily we're in Miami where our weather is often warm and sunny.

Jake: Yes, that is quite lucky. We are truly blessed, although our ratings are truly dismal.

Sister Brenda: Perhaps we should pray for better ratings.

Jake: Sister, do you think it is worth wasting our breath on such a petty problem when children are being raped at gun point by maniacs and men and women who served our country in order to protect our freedom have to live on the street and eat out of the garbage like a modern Heathcliff? Let us pray for an end to famine! Let us pray for less rape!

Sister Brenda: You are right Mr. Silver. I am disappointed in myself. Let's go donate our time to a soup kitchen!

Jake: Soup is disgusting. Let's just figure out a way to finally turn around our ratings, which are in the toilet. We better grab a skimmer and raise them out before somebody flushes all of our jobs down.

Sister Brenda: The world is changing sir. I'm afraid this--

[Gavin Stone enters.]

Gavin: Shut up and listen. The ratings just came in.

Jake: Oh great. I think I'm going to need a stiff drink.

Sister Brenda: Mr. Silver it's only 9 o'clock.

[Jake Silver shoots Sister Brenda a hard look.]

Jake: So, are we still in last place in the entire country?

Gavin: We are sir, but we gained an entire share point.

Jake: This truly is a good morning, Miami.

Sister Brenda: By the way, what is your plan to turn this station around Mr. Silver?

Jake: Airing live executions.

The End.

Meeting on Low Ratings
Hammond, IN


  1. I hope somebody else writes one, too.

  2. This is terrific! Better than the entire lives of the cast of Good Morning Miami combined, except for Tiffani Amber Thiesen of course.

  3. don't some local fox stations air live executions already?


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