One Week In-tertainment (3-06-10)

By Jake 

Brooklyn Decker is going to appear in the new Jennifer Aniston/Adam Sandler/Nicole Kidman film Just Go with It.

A Zoolander sequel is in the works. Hmmm...

Some idiot thinks making a Gilligan's Island movie is a good idea.

The impossibly bad film Police Academy is getting rebooted. I think Police Academy-mania happened once and it was embarrassing enough that time.

Sarah Palin was on Jay Leno's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno starring Jay Leno and Kevin Eubanks on Tuesday and did some stand-up. I must admit that I enjoy her brand of gentle stand-up moreso than Sinbads.

Jim Carey is a fucking grandfather! Fuck that guy!

Marie Osmand's son committed suicide.

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo (who?) adopted a puppy. Yep, that's news.

Tiffani Thiessen got pregnant and started eating meat. She used to be a vegetarian like many of the OYIT writers.

Jessica Simpson hasn't forgiven John Mayer. I haven't either, but for making the shittiest music possible.

Owen Wilson has joined the next Woody Allen movie.

OYIT Celebrity of the Year, Jenna Elfman gave birth to her second son. Congrats Jenna!


  1. I agree fuck Jim Carey, arrrgh!! Why isn't Ryan Gosling OYIT celeb of the year!!>!?! Great post.

  2. a zoolander sequel??????????? this is the final straw. i'm boycotting hollywood like anti-semites and evangelicals. and who the fuck is brooklyn decker? is that posh and beckham's son?

  3. Brooklyn Decker is Black's partner.


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