this is just lazy

By James 

Good morning, readers. God morgen, to my older readers. We are on the verge of another Monday, and all of the discomfort it will bring. Today, contemplate how meaningful your future is in the face of death. If you can't take anything with you, and if all we have is the transient present, how wonderful can life be? Not very wonderful. That's how wonderful. Despair. Now, do or say something ironic. Please, don't argue. This is a fact of living in a post-post-modern age. Now, write a personal essay about your life, and try to get it published.

Really, what is there to say? I do not know, which is why I am rambling on like this. What jokes could I make to stave off this Monday, and its horrifying ramifications (the rest of the week)? All life on this planet is crawling towards exhaustion, and these Good Morning posts I've been writing are no different. I have only just begun, and already there is so little left to say. So, this Monday, as in today, start your week with The Vanity of Existence by Arthur Schopenhauer, and come to understand how pointless it would be to end your purposeless life. Print it out and give it your best friend.

I am going to get fired from writing for a site I don't even get paid to write for.


  1. That Schopenhauer essay was really awesome. It more than made up for your laziness, it justified it.

  2. this just gave me motivation to be lazy in my GM article for tomorrow. thanks, james!

  3. The cat was cute! But where's the weather and predictions?

  4. haha. I often seek out justifications for my behavior, and Schopenhauer's philosophy is one of them.

  5. Wow. The essay I linked to in my post is riddled with typos. I'm sure there are better copies elsewhere on the internets.


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