Toward a Better Understanding of Monday

By James 

Good Monday, readers, readers I make up in my mind.

In the news this Monday: Eleven died when a suicide bomber blew up Lahore today. Imagine waking up to that as I just did. I haven't heard about a suicide bombing since the Iraq war ended in 2003. Two Chinamen were arrested, in China, and sentenced to 10 years in prison for stoning a snow leopard to death, after it had sex with someone it wasn't married to. Turkey, the country, is perhaps the 400th nation to have an Earth quake in the past four or five weeks - looks like 2012 is cumming a little early. Also, most people in the world believe that access to the internet is a fundamental human right, but mostly for pornographic reasons. And, finally, The Mummy gets its day in court. There is no more news.

+1/+1 creature with weather (for all of you Magic nerds): Warmer than it was 4 weeks ago, which means spring is approaching, and I will have sex in public. I will tell you all when and where next week.

Predictions: thousands of college students will get drunk this spring break, the Earth's magnetic poles will flip, somewhere a child will get syphilis just from reading about it, and Glenn will move to Iowa City to become a cab driver.

Have a good Monday, you fucking jerks.


  1. Ha!! This is one of the funniest GMs on record!!! Or at least the least depressing GM from James!!!!

  2. Keep the hits coming, James.

  3. James this was good. You're finding your own voice, like Roger Ebert. Iowa City cab drivers are all white liberals atheists.


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