Tuesday, I Hear You Calling

By Jake 

You were surely expecting Maddie today, but she politely asked me to "cover" her Good Morning article this week. I reluctantly accepted and here we are, both confused and trying to think of something better to do.

A Link
Watch The Simpsons Online
The Simpsons is the funniest show on television. This link is to a website that has all of the episodes of The Simpsons online to stream. If you email me I can tell you some good episodes to watch in Season 13 and beyond (the ones that aren't on DVD yet).

How About a Picture?

That's right, I'm still taking pictures of that street light in front of my house at night.

A Haiku
Matthew Broderick
Ferris Bueller's Day Off's star
Is a Broadway hit

Hopefully Maddie will be back next week and nobody will ask me to write one of these for them, not only for my benefit, but for us all. Have a great and remember to keep it real, but not too real.

Answer These Questions in the Comments Please
Does Broderick only have 2 syllables
Is Jennifer Anniston the best comedic actress?
What's the deal with those trucks that spray bug poison?


  1. I thought that picture looked familiar~!

  2. Now that it's getting nice outside I'll take pictures of other things. Then I'll just do picture posts when people "don't have time" to write a Good Morning article.

  3. I don't want to answer those questions, but I do like that spiderweb picture. It reminds me of the poster for Arachnophobia, which was hanging in my room until I was 24.

  4. That's a tree bro! I was messing with the exposure settings on my camera.


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