I Hate You If...

By Jake (first 10) and Maddie (last 10) 

You comment on songs on Last.fm or MP3 blogs as if the artists read them.

You devote your entire life to reglion.

You don't use your turn signal while driving.

You don't recycle.

You're fat, but you still drink regular instead of diet soda.

You and your twin created your own language.

You make a living by playing video games.

You make a living by playing a card game.

You're not a fan of Life with Mikey.

You hunt animals as a sporting event.

You hate Jake.

You killed Martin Luther King Jr.

You wear an ironic mustache for over two months.

You masturbate in public.

You didn't cry during Million Dollar Baby.

You aren't following Dave Hill (@mrdavehill) on Twitter.

Your favorite David Bowie song is "Dancing in the Street."

Your favorite Mick Jagger song is "Dancing in the Street."

You watch the Oscars "just for the fashion."

You TIVO Veronica's Closet reruns.


  1. Maddie, I'm glad you said Veronica's Closet and not Dahrma and Greg.

  2. Haha! I hate you if you've ever masturbated in public to the song Dancing in the Streets!! I only drink diet soda!!!

  3. I cried during MDB in the theatre!

  4. You don't use your turn signal while driving.
    I want to kill the people who do this ^


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