2's Day

By Jake 

Here's a video from my favorite comedian, Daniel Songer. If OYIT ever has a stage show, this would be my pick opening act. Who better to warm the crowd up?

Seriously, isn't that great? I'm considering sending him an email to see if he wants to hook up with OYIT. Tell me what you think in the comment section.

My selected Tweets from the last week.
I will never use Bing. They won't even index my fucking website. Fuck Bing!!!
11:19 AM Apr 13th via TweetDeck

Oh shit, I cannot wait to hear the new Chromeo. I need some dance shit.
10:45 PM Apr 15th via TweetDeck

If you're not listening to the new Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, you're an asshole who deserves to die.
11:06 PM Apr 15th via TweetDeck

Stumbleupon apparently thinks I really love Star Wars. I just like it, okay bros?
11:20 PM Apr 15th via TweetDeck

Making some chickpea burgers y'all.
11:32 AM Apr 16th via TweetDeck

"This has been quite the exhibition of ball striking"
3:16 PM Apr 17th via TweetDeck

@glennr*** MGMT's new album is a bigger crime than the Holocaust, at least aurally.
10:44 PM Apr 17th via TweetDeck in reply to glennr***

I asterisked out Glenn's last name.

How About Some Pictures Too.

While scheduling this article I realized that today is 4/20. I wrote an article about that last year. Here's a link: Planning the Perfect 4/20.


  1. hahahah PLEASE email daniel songer. i'm laughing so hard right now.

  2. I WISH I could watch that video now! Eat a block of cheese in celebration of 4/20 (the day Wisconsin was established as a territory)!! Nice pics!!!

  3. that video made my brain numb....i have to think it over but i think i agree with emailing him.

  4. Thank you for respecting my privacy and thank you even more for that picture of what I assume is a bunch of rolling papers.

  5. Yes, please email this man, like, yesterday.


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