Ghost Morning

By Kaleena 

Today is the fifth anniversary of Shark Week. In memoriam I give you the Good Morning Tribute to Sharks. Today, the Great White.

This is the activity of the day. Take a trip to your local beach and rent a small boat that could easily fit in the mouth of a giant, man-eating fish (like the Great White) and then proceed to pet it in a dangerous and complicated way until it "falls asleep". Just try not to fall in love in the process!

Don't live near a beach you say? Well you poor bastard (I mean that in a derogatory way towards poor people - a group of which I'm a part of so it's okay to say)- take a trip to your local Shedd Aquarium (or your equivalent of) and I'm sure once you explain your pure intentions they will let you do it. Ever heard of natural selection? Yeah, who wants to step on mother nature's toes?

This image almost made me puke with fear - and that's never happened to me. If someone told me to go walk on a super tiny bridge above a giant shark I would definitely throw them in the water along with a bucket of chum. If I was this guy I'd have thrown up a million times by now and probably wouldn't be writing this because I assume the shark would eat me out of disgust.

Today's Quiz Question Is :

Is this photo real or "photoshopped?" If you guess correctly you get your choice of prizes that include:
- a ride on a great white
- the change to get the photo of a lifetime (maybe literally)
- a ride on the helicopter (great white included?)

Good Morning!


  1. The last one looks like a scene out of the Adam West Batman movie. I hope that guy has some shark repellant in his utility belt too.

    Thanks for this sharkcentric post Kal.

  2. That guy was on a mission to penetrate the rogue Fish Police headquarters of the coast of Bahrain! Anyway, it's real, I took it.

    Very fishy GM Kal! In a good way!! A surprising lack of fish puns though!!!

    Was there only one shark week ever?

  3. dammit, Jake beat me to the reference. I was going to say, "sharks have a history of jumping out of the water to bite people on helicopter ladders. This clip shows a shark biting Adam West during a shoot from the early live-action Batman series:

  4. Ha! It's from the movie though. My brother owns it and it's so painful to watch that I turn it off once he pulls out the shark repellant.

  5. That picture is very real. I was IN the shark at the time.


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