Good Morning Coachella

By Glenn 

Don't worry - you didn't accidentally sleep through an entire day again. It's still Thursday, but I'm doing my Coachella preview today because tomorrow I'll already be into a deep, deep LSD cocoon in the middle of the Coachella Valley. When I emerge on Monday I'll be a beautiful butterfly, having reached Nirvana and seen Pavement play live for the first time. I'm pretty excited about Coachella but I could easily see it being my last musical festival. My first was the Altamont Speedway Free Festival. Let's hope this one ends better but with similarly powerful documentary footage.

[Whoever signed the Hell's Angels to open for Muse on Saturday night should have their fucking head examined.]

Today's Weather

I know you're thinking about me out in the desert this weekend. "It'll be hot during the day and cold at night," you say out of both sides of your mouth - like a serpent or GOP candidate for federal office. If you can read the map above, kudos to you. I can't, so I'm just going to wear as much yellow as possible in order to blend in with my surroundings. That way no one will notice me sneaking up to the front row when Julian Casablancas plays! And no one will care as my skin melts off my face.

Today's Coachella Pick

I have not been a Pavement fan my entire life. It wasn't until 2007 that I purchased and listened to Slanted and Enchanted: Luxe and Reduxe. I listened to the ENTIRE album though, including b-sides, demos and live tracks. I rarely do that with extended albums, but there was something special about this one. Recently I added Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain to my repertoire in preparation for their reunion concert at Coachella this weekend. I love it. Pavement are past their prime, but I'm 27 going to an outdoor musical festival for the first time. We have that in common. We also have a desire to rock the fuck out, which is what's going to happen here.

Today's Coachella Tips

Way back in 2008, some website put together a list of ten tips for people like me and people not at all like me who were attending the festival:
1. Drink Water

2. Pack Sun Block

3. Dress with Sense

4. Bring Cash

5. Get Used to Waiting

6. Don't Burn Out Quickly

7. Pack an Itinerary

8. Bring Extra Film, Batteries, and/or Memory Cards

9. Communicate With Your Friends

10. Have the Time of Your Life
I'm as weary of "Have the Time of Your Life" as a tip as you are, but the rest of them are pretty solid. I eat two servings of sun block every day and always carry at least $5,000 in cash with me anyway. The tips that will require adjusting will be communicating with my friends and getting used to wait. Nobody puts baby in a line.

Today's Prediction
I'll burn out quickly instead of fading away, right at the moment Neil Young walks on stage to play a rousing electronica version of "Alabama" with Thom Yorke closing night.


  1. It looks like it'll be between 80 and -40 degrees so wear layers upon layers of your old Velvet Underground t-shirts. If only Andy was going he could lend you his Candlebox tee collection! Either way you'd be cool because you're wearing a band t-shirt AND it's a band t-shirt of a band not playing there!! Too bad Maddie will be standing next to you wearing her Bedazzled Vampire Weekend jean jacket w/ matching jean painter's cap!!!

  2. Glenn, you need to pick up Terror Twilight. I only give a shit about Terror Twilight and Slanted and Enchanted and then some songs off the other albums.

    I hope Vampire Weekend plays, because then I will finally win the debate Glenn and I had over who would listen to Vampire Weekend first. Also, he'll have to see them b/c Maddie is a huge VW fan and Glenn is so p*ssy whipped that I call him Toby no matter how much he insists I call him Kunta Kinte.

  3. I don't know. All of Pavement's albums are pretty good. I have my favorites, but they all have something to offer. Have fun dying of hyper or hypothermia.


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