Good Morning Health Insurance and Apartment Hunting

By Glenn 

Good morning. I want to talk a little about the health care/insurance industry but for once NOT about the recent legislation that passed with no Republican support. As many of you know, I am currently without employment. In the United States that means I also don't have health insurance. Since Blanche Lincoln and I conspired to kill the public option, I am left looking into private plans to see what fits best for me. How many mammograms do I plan to get this year? What kind of Crohn's disease will I inherit? Do I need prescription drug coverage? The best plan I can come up with is $46/month and gives me a $2,000,000 lifetime maximum to use. That's a lot of bedpans. I'm also casually looking for apartments in the greater Los Angeles area. The best one I can find is $46/month and gives me 2,000,000 flea bites over the course of a sixty day period. That's a lot of flea bites.

[I've already been vaccinated for Crohn's disease so don't worry about me getting anything besides autism.]

Today's Weather
Tonight the local news said "there is a huge rain storm in Northern California. What happens when it heads here?" or someone else vaguely threatening yet emotionally resonant. That's how I like the poetry written on my garage and how I like my weather forecasts.
I hope this rain stays away but the people on the local news implied that it wouldn't.

Today's Movie

This was one of those "Oscar movies" I never got around to seeing last year because I was too busy trying to pass health care reform and working on my aerobic endurance. I watched it last night and want to recommend it to you this morning. Do you ever see movies or life around you and think "I wish more incredibly young women would start romantic relationships with older men?" I know I do. This movie has that - and more! Peter Saarsgard is great and one of my favorite actors, but this movie is fundamentally about a young woman's search for meaning in her current and future life. All 16 year old females reading this site should watch the movie and then email me to talk about it.

Today's Prediction
kitten, the famous teen who writes into Hi Katy every week, will watch An Education and realize that she doesn't need a man in her life. Then she'll watch a show on CW that appeals to teens. Meanwhile it will continue to rain in Northern California and never travel south, leaving those of us here with beautiful weather. I will get 2nd degree sunburns and 3rd degree autism, neither of which are covered under the most affordable private plan I can find. Blanche Lincoln will smile at this thought until she loses her primary on May 19th. Go Bill Halter!


  1. Glenn, the secret to getting health insurance is marrying an employed person and then mooching off them for the rest of your life.

  2. GBH! An education looks and sounds good!! Don't date underage children unless they're Ryan White!!! Thanks for the GM.



  3. lol ummm kitten is not a teen shes in my earth science class and she is 12 she turns 13 in a month cos her mom is bringing cupcakes into class soooo i think i no better then u

  4. I really want to see An Education. I keep hoping that it's an action movie where the education is killing people in order to save the main character's (the teacher?) daughter.


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