Philosophy and Those Who Think About It

By Kaleena 

Good Morning. Or is it good morrow? These are such questions answered by the most complicated of subjects: philosophy. Why philosophy? Mostly because I just heard someone say it on t.v. and thought "okay, philosophy it is!"
So here is your day in philosophy:

Noam Chomsky. Wikipedia defines Noam as a 'dissident and an anarchist' because he thinks people should know how to talk right and not be assholes to one another. Here's my challenge for you today. When you get all wound up because some jack-off cuts you off on your mo-ped with his big-ass prius hybrid/jeep and you're about to pull out your butterfly knife and slice off a piece of him to take home to your family just think - who's the real asshole? Am I any better if I take revenge on him? If the answer is yes then fell free to carve.

Any rumors that philosophers don't like to have a great time may now be dispelled. Look at this guy! Of course I'm talking about Nietzsche - the hottie in the glasses. Meow! I hope these guys were just friends but I wouldn't doubt they at least tried to get with him. He was taken from this earth much too young but what do you expect? From thinkin' comes drinkin' and severe mental illness.

Finally, I'll end your morning with Plato. Plato knew about pretty much everything. He learned under Socrates and reading his biography is like reading the Bible. It's long and there was probably a lot of incest - I'm not sure though because I didn't get too far. The reason I chose Plato as the last philosopher is because he will probably be the last one you remember. If someone asks "hey, did you read that GM article on OYIT this morning about philosophy?" and you'll most likely say "oh yeah. I especially like the part about Plato."
Then you will seem smarter and a bit more interesting. But don't take my word for it - I probably don't even know you!

See you next week!


  1. This is the first OYIT article featuring catcalls directed toward Nietzsche. Hopefully not the last, though.

  2. Ha! This was great, I really liked this. I hope to get a weekly dose of philosophy from now on! None of those guys are wearing glasses in that picture!! It's good marrow BTW!!!

  3. Thank you for bringing some philosophy to this superficial website. I also liked how this post was structured, with pictures and text.

  4. haha, this is gr8 kaleena! brings back nightmares from a philosophers on poetry class i took last year.


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