Good morning? Eat cupcakes!

By Kaleena 

I have started a new workout regiment and eating plan - and now I want cupcakes. Never fails. So in case you were fighting cravings yourself and probably winning, allow me to re-surface some of those so that I won't feel so alone in my nagging want.

Let's start in the cupcake capital of the United States - New York City, NY. I didn't pick this one because it was the most appealing to me (peanut butter and chocolate 4eva) but it's the most classic and cutest one on the Crumbs website. Want to make yourself yearn uncontrollably? Check out their website. I'm crying right now and licking the monitor which is actually making typing incredibly difficult.

Let's take a GIANT leap to the opposite coast - that'd be the west for those of you who are really awful at geography. Seattle has some tasty cupcakes - just look at this beauty. Don't like sunflowers? No? Well then you must be an atheist and you don't deserve to take part in this most amazing of treats. Who, but God, could take His own creation and give someone the gift to make it smaller and sweeter? Who I ask? I suppose you'll be thinking about that when wiping God-made butter-cream from your slowly turning agnostic face.

And finally, to prove I'm a true patriotic American, I present you with the most edible portrait I've ever agreed to eat. Not that anyone's asked me, I'm just putting it out there. Dare me? Oh I wouldn't do that if I were you. You don't know how deep my loyalty lies.

There you have it. Are you ready to beat a homeless person down for your favorite treat of the day? I know I am. See you next week!


  1. That Seattle cupcake looks just like the New York cupcake! Nothing looks tastier than Abraham Lincoln's lips!! I hope you find that cupcake you've been looking for Kal!!!

  2. Kal suggested getting cupcakes several times yesterday. I didn't know how serious she was being. We made cocoa rice crispy treats instead.

  3. kal, come visit me in new york!! i can take you to crumbs.

  4. I find that when I work out more my cravings for junk food go down because of overall greater feelings of healthiness.


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