Look who stopped to say 'Good Morning!'

By Kaleena 

I have been told this is my very own morning article. I can do whatever I want with it. Wow....this is a lot of control. I really like it. I'm pretty good with power so you can bet I won't let you down. I present to you the morning through the eyes of some yellow cartoon characters that most people seem to think are real - the Simpsons.
(The following paragraphs were not actually written by the Simpsons because they are not real. Nor were they any way written by any of the writers of 'The Simpsons', if you can believe it.)

Cowabunga dudes! I'm Bart Simpson. Radical! It's raining out today. Bummer. That won't stop me from my skateboarding, riding the rails and being my usual hoodlum self. Don't have a cow man! I'm the Bartman!

Hi, I'm Lisa. Sorry my stupid brother got the first paragraph. I knew it would be a mistake but no one listens to a genius until it's too late. Heh,heh....not that I'm a genius just saying. Anyway, I would like to tell you about one of my poetic heroes. Her name was Sylvia Plath. A young and troubled girl prone to strange and tragic relationships she focused her madness into her work. She even had two children but that didn't stop her from taking her own life at a tragically young age. Her memory lives on in those of us who feel we can relate to such mental strain. After all, if I ever end up with a child like my brother I'll take my chances with the oven.

Hello, I'm Marge Simpson and this is my husband Homer.
Homer: Hello!
Marge: I understand this is how you are starting your morning. Well, what about breakfast? Have you had your breakfast?
Homer: Marge! Shut your yap! Stop telling them what to do woman!
Marge: I'm just trying to be helpful, Homey.
(Loud slapping sound followed by soft wimpers.)
Homer: Sorry, sometimes my wife doesn't know when to shut it. I've been drinking a little so I'm not in the greatest of moods...you can understand.
Marge: It's true *sniffle*. He's usually very loving and happy.
Homer: SHUT IT WOMAN!! Now the rest of you have a terrific day! Drink Duff!


  1. This is the best Simpsons fan fiction I've read.

    Kaleena, you're weird.

  2. I like it when couples communicate through the comments section of blogs. It's how things were meant to be.

  3. Kaleena you have complete control over this good morning but remember with great power comes great responsibility. Or maybe the quote is great responsibility corrupts greatly. Just be careful.

  4. My favorite Kal GM yet! Abuse authority away!!

  5. i am the only person alive who has never seen an episode of the simpsons. what is wrong with me!!??

  6. Maddie, just watch the damn Simpsons already. Just watch it online.


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