One Week In-tertainment (5-29-10)

By Jake 

Lindsay Lohan is wearing an alcohol monitoring bracelet. Will the world love her again if she sobers up?

There might be a live action Dillbert movie. Cross your fingers if you're so inclined.

A new live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie is going to be made by Michael Bay's production company. Gross.

Andy Richter is close to signing a deal to host a game show called "Pyramid." It's like the $25,000 Pyramid with a more to-the-point name.

A Green Lantern series is coming to Cartoon Network in the fall of 2011.

I am so sick of hearing about Glee. I'm also sick of hearing about the finale of Lost, Heidi Montag, Lady Gaga and Sex in the City 2.

Ellen DeGeneres started a record label to sign a 12-year-old prodigy. Sounds like the perfect get rich quick scheme.

Video of the Week

Gary Coleman
Brittany Murphy's husband


  1. I heard that Miranda as a brief flirt session with the late G. Coleman in SATC2. Its a fitting way to end his career/life.

  2. Add Dennis Hopper to that list of people resting in peace. Also, Lindsay Lohan's anklet is what motivated us to have that debate about her!

  3. That anklet doesn't deserve all the credit. Some of it should go to Teen Wolf.

  4. What a great week in entertainment. I am looking forward to the Green Lantern cartoon and am also sick of hearing about Sex in the City. Not just 2, the whole damn show.

  5. sex and the city 2 was so so awful. not that i was expecting it to be good, RIP DENNIS HOPPER, so sad.

  6. I liked the ICP cover. I was disappointed he didn't curse about magnets though.

  7. I guess the band is too cute to curse.


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