GOOD MORNING [KTz Back Edition]

By Katy

Remember when I used to write good mornings but they were entirely too boring save my movie reviewz? Well, I'm here every Wednesday to bring you more mundane updates on everything in life ever. Excited?! YOU BETTER BE. IT'S WEDNESDAY IN TEXAS.

Today's Shitty Whiskey:

  • Old Overholt; Straight Rye Whiskey

  • I just had a sip of this whiskey. Yes, I know it's early, but since my grandmother refuses to dictate my articles after the whole HK Transcription Fiasco of 'One-Zero I'm having to sell my taste buds out to whatever Cedar Rapids drunkard with a 56K modem or better will have me. Plus, it's Wednesday, and Wednesday is "Hump Day." On "Hump Day" people drink to forget that they still have two more days of work left. What do they drink? Hopefully anything ever not resembling this fourteen dollar rye whiskey.

    Today's Buffy Angel Fan Vid:

    Whiskey Lullaby

    I know how much everyone who reads OYIT likes Buffy Angel and Allison Kraus, so I took the time to share this Buffy Angel Fan Vid with you guys to help you get through the day. It's about the dangers of whiskey and vampires impossibly ancient gods. If you plan on watching Buffy Angel, don't watch this video.

    Today's Not-So-Funny-Kind-Of-Confusing-Whiskey-Related Joke:

    -Mouse 1: "I can drink a whole glass of whiskey"

    -Mouse 2: "I can a bottle of whiskey"

    -Mouse 3: "So what - I'll go fuck the cat."

    Today's Abrupt GM Ending:

    Yeah, mostly I ran out of whiskey-related things to talk about. I don't really drink it and I merely made an entire whiskey good morning article to satisfy the insatiable whiskey love of my latest drunkard. I hope you all learned something. Have a great day and a solid hangover in the morning!


    1. I was so confused reading this I felt like *I* was the one drinking whiskey! Welcome back to GM Katy!!

    2. We need more articles advocating drinking. It will make our audience more pliable for sure.

    3. There's a bluegrass fiddle tune called "Whiskey Before Breakfast." Don't worry, you're not the only one.

    4. i'm so glad you're back k8y!!

    5. I have decided to abstain from drinking but I'm glad you aren't abstaining from a good morning. Next time mention the World Cup please!

    6. I still don't understand how Katy is back when she just posted an article a few days ago! I'm glad you're still around, though.


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