good morning summer lmao

By ashlee 

good morning guys skool is out which means one thing.... i get to stay home alone all day while mom is at work. daddy h8s that she works but idc cos it means i get to eat all of the ice pops in the fridge 0:-)
omg sooooo good

neway im soooo bored . i already watched every bieber and edward vid on utube. computers are borin i wish my keyboard looked like this:

i got a bike
ok gr8 news. i finally got a bike. here's a pic of me riding it
LOL just kidding r u stupid that is a puppy sitting on something idk what it is .kinda looks like a car kinda looks like a bike. neway i don't rele have a pic of me on my bike cos my friend tara broke my cam after i said she had love handles . lol what? she's kinda chubby i wasnt goin 2 lie 2 her. that's what daddy says the president is good at.
soooo neway now i can ride to the pool and to my friends houses. yesterday i went to beccas and we spent like idk 2 hrs reading her mommys magazines. i liked it cos it told me which color lipstick i should buy for my skin tone and wat positions boys like during s-x. the only s-x position i know is oral LOL

cool vid
ok is this a dream. miley + taylor = pure heaven. this is prolly my favorite song and they are sooooooo beautiful

ok i g2g those ice pops arent gonna eat themselves lol


  1. Great GM Ashlee! With your shared love of 'ice pops' you might hit it off with Mikey!! That bunny is cute!!!

  2. Why is that Taylor/Miley video mirrored?

    Ashlee, let me tell you this now before you're 15 years old: If you perform oral s-x on ur bf and he says he loves you, just know he has no idea what love is. He might not know until he's 51!

  3. Don't invite Hot Rod over, that dude loves Ice Pops and will eat all of them, then fill all your drawers full of cigarettes!

  4. I think we all wish our keyboard looked like that. lmao.


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