Saved by the Bell: Cream for a Day

By Jake

Episode 6320: Cream for a Day

The Players
Zack Morris
AC Slater
Samuel "Screech" Powers
Kelly Kapowski
Lisa Turtle
Jessica Spano
Principal Richard Belding
Mr. Bennet
Charlie Coburn
Muffin Sangria
Susie Van Fike

It's Homecoming and the halls of Bayside are swelling with school spirit. Their game is against Valley, their arch rivals. Zack jokes that last year even Valley's band scored a touchdown against them. I believe that is against the rules, not that I know that much about football. Zack is probably being facetious and painting a picture of how terrible Bayside's football team truly is. They haven't beat Valley in 23 years.

Lisa and Jessie are hocking tiger tales. Zack and Slater join them to mock Valley and their accents. Zack attempts to help the girls by putting a tail on the back of a hat and placing it upon Slater's oily dome. Slater hates it and puts it on Zack. They leave and Kelly joins Lisa and Jessie. Kelly wants to be Homecoming queen. She's worried that people will find out she's wears a retainer at night, and Lisa says it really loud to ruin her chances at being crowned.

Screech and Zack are in chemistry class. Screech has a new zit he has named Murray. Lisa joins and is appropriately disgusted. Mr. Bennet is mad that Screech is sort of flirting with Lisa and threatens to fail them. Screech mixes some chemicals, and they explode in his face in a very humorous fashion. Trust me.

The gang is hanging out at the Max, sans Screech. Kelly asks Zack and Slater which way they like her hair. She loves pitting Bayside's hottest hunks against each other. Slater and Zack trade insults. Susie and Muffin walk in, and they're also competing for Homecoming queen. The boys try to build up Kelly's confidence, but she's not buying it.

Zack and Screech are in the hall. Screech's zit is gone and he's depressed. Zack deduces that the chemistry experiment that blew up in Screech's face is the cure for acne. Ever the capitalist, Zack can see the dollar signs in this miracle cream. Screech makes a Gorbachev blemish joke that will never get old. I would have went with Noriega. They decide to test this potential product out on the notorious Charlie "Craterface" Coburn. If they can clear his acne up then they will sell a million units, they figure.

Kelly has a pimple and Lisa and Jessie are trying to persuade her out of her bathroom. They tempt her with the sexy straight hunk George Michael's new video. She takes the bait and emerges. She goes into a fantasy sequence where Mr. Belding puts her down because she has a zit. She almost cries, but isn't a good enough actress. Kelly has some serious family issues and thinks the only way to get attention from her parents is by winning the school sanctioned beauty contest. I hate her parents.

Just as they convince Kelly that nobody will notice her small blemish, Screech approaches her and offers her some of his and Zack's wonder cream. Zack is hucking this product like he's a 1930s ointment salesman. He unveils Craterface's new look and everybody is desperate for some Zit-Off. Belding nabs Craterface and Zack and takes them to his office. Zack attempts to sell Belding on becoming an investor, but he's not biting, although he does try some when Zack and the newly dubbed "Babyface" leave.

Kelly approaches Zack to score some Zit-Off. Kelly offers any price, and Zack is probably going to get a hj. Just as Kelly walks away Screech joins Zack. His face is maroon. He theorizes that when the cream homogenizes it changes color. Screech even ran through a carwash trying to remove the stain off his skin to no avail.

Zack and Screech are looking for Kelly to warn her. Screech is dressed as a tiger. Kelly has already used the cream and her face has cleared up. Screech and Zack go back to Zack's house. Screech removes the tiger head and the maroon is gone. Zack is relieved that it's not permanent and hurries to Kelly's house to warn her. She is seriously pissed. Zack says that lately she's been acting like the only thing that matters is her looks, which further enrages her. She tells him to leave.

Slater is giving a speech at the pep rally. Jessie gives the homecoming queen results. Muffin Sangria comes in third, followed by Susie Van Fike. Kelly Kapowski is your Homecoming queen and now she can finally shut up...or can she? After all her face is stained maroon. Kelly thanks everybody for crowning her queen even though her face is maroon. I don't think queens get elected, they should change it to Homecoming madam president. Slater beatboxes while Kelly, Lisa and Jessie rap. Yes, that really happens and it's as amazing as it sounds. Belding has spots on his face from the Zit-Off. Kelly apologizes to Zack for being conceited.

By the way, Bayside won the big game because Valley was so afraid of their maroon faces. True story. Slater scored the only touchdown, in case you were curious. The End.


  1. jake, without you saved by the bell would be nothing.

  2. Ha! This is almost as good as actually watching it!!

  3. It is better than watching it. Reading this only took me 20 minutes - watching the episode would have taken 22.


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