Good morning Starbox

By Glenn 

Good morning. They are filming what you might call a "professional" movie in my neighborhood today, practically on our street. The biggest way this affects me is narrowing down the available parking spaces. I plan to walk by the director over and over again until she offers me a part in the film as the lovable yet misunderstood serial killer. I assume the film is about a serial killer being set free in Brooklyn due to budget cutbacks and the only way to stop him is by giving him $115 parking tickets every week until he goes broke and has to move to Illinois.

Today's Weather

The humidity has been fairly stifling in New York, but let's pick a place at random and focus on the weather somewhere else - preferably somewhere Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is visiting. Oh look, it's Vietnam! Hanoi's high will be 89 degrees with a strong chance of rain and an even stronger chance of condemnation by the State Department. Vietnam has made great strides since the days of the French occupation, but political freedoms are lacking there. Plus it is very hot in the jungles, as we know from many Vietnam War movies.

Today's National Conference

NetRootz Nation, formerly known as YearlyKos, is happening this week in Las Vegas, the hottest and most decadent city in the country (besides last year's location: Pittsburgh). This is a place where the who's who of the progressive blogosphere and some who's from the larger progressive world meet to talk about what it will be like to watch your majorities in Congress disappear as a coda to watching your President become more and more unpopular. I knew we should have nominated John Edwards.

Today's Theatre/Artistic Endeavor

Starting on Friday night, there will be what we call a "Starbox" in Bryant Park, New York City. This box will have a celebrity in it and people will line up to look in the box and say hello to the celebrity. This is ART for those of you who are too stupid to "get it." I am looking forward to seeing this performance, which will run every Friday for a few hours until the celebrity dies. I hope it is Leonardo DiCaprio, not because I want him to die but because I want to meet him in the box.

Today's Prediction
Next Friday I will attend Starbox and be alternatively surprised and disappointed that instead of Leo DiCaprio the box contains Dennis Rader. Furthermore, I will be alternatively surprised and disappointed that instead of being in Bryant Park I am actually in the El Dorado Correctional Facility in Kansas, sharing a cell with him. Finally, I am just relieved to realize that although I am in the prison, I am not actually IMPRISONED and have just been filming the sequel to whatever serial killer movie previously filmed in my neighborhood.


  1. Starbox sounds like something from Super Mario Brothers or a starfish's vagina. Either way, you can count me in.

  2. You would NOT be disappointed if it was Dennis Rader in the box!! Lol @ the whole netroots nation section!!!

  3. Is Reille Hunter shooting the movie in your neighborhood? If she is, I bet John Edwards will be in the box! If he is, tape it up and mail it to Netroots Nation with instructions to nominate.

  4. glenn, you had me at the picture of DR.


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