One Year In Texas Talk 7-21-10

By Nate 

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Keep eyes on the road

This is in regard to June 23rd post about texting. What an idiot you are is exactly what I am trying to tell you. Keep your eyes on the road and pay attention. Don't be texting when you are driving. I don't care if you wear your seatbelt or smoke in your car. That's your business. When you text and drive, it is my business because people can't do the more of the same thing at one time, it seems like. I don't really care if you talk on your phone, but I don't really think you ought to because you are not paying attention to what you;re doing on the road anyway. I think you ought to stop texting and learn how to drive and then you can keep your nose in your own business also instead of almost running over people.

Doing the right thing, vote out the burgers

While out President stands beholden to the labor unions that are preventing foreign countries from bringing in the skimming equipment necessary to help clean up the disaster in the Gulf, one has to ask themselves, just how beholden should a president be to labor union when it stops him from doing the right thing for the American people instead of driving an agenda, which for 50 percent of his speech this evening, that is all he was trying to do. He is truly following his advisors in the White House which is "Let no disaster go unused." My goodness gracious, America is going to suffer financially from the lack of oil with a 6 months shut down from 20 percent of our oil. Figure what that is going to do to the price of fuel here in America, just before winter. Yeah, he is a wonderful person when he can't bring in the equipment necessary to clean up the mess, that he, in my book, is making by doing so, Yes, people, we have a chance to clean up this mess and it is going to happen this November when we vote these burgers out.

Freedom costs... a Jeep Cherokee Sport

Surprise, surprise, June 17, 2010, a new PEW report shows little change in the Muslim world's view of the United States. Anybody surprised? Your children are going to have a better life than you had. They, the Muslims, have black gold and you have freedom because you have a Jeep Cherokee Sport. Yes, Jeep Cherokee Sports bring you freedom. Thank you.

Don't trust life to strangers

Well, it happened again yesterday, right in front of the American Furniture Store, another idiot trusted their life to total strangers and the lives of their loved ones. You cannot pull all the traffic lanes out of the American Furniture Stores driveway and then pull across and go south on the highway when there is traffic moving. I don't care whether the big truck stopped for you and waved you across. Guess what? After you got hit when you pulled out, that truck just took off. They didn't stay and fill out the police report ans say, oh, "I feel so bad. I waved you on." Do not trust your lives to total strangers, who by the way has a truck higher than the little black car that hit you. They couldn't see that car. It was in their blind spot, too. The main thing is, the light had turned green. All traffic on the highway should have been going forward, but oh, no, somebody felt sorry for you, and now, who is feeling sorry for who? You have two wrecked vehicles. I am sure your insurance company is screaming, and now you have a ticket, I am positive. Please, do not ever, ever again pull across moving traffic lanes like that. You have no place to go that is so important that it is worth the lives of your family, the personal destruction of property, and what if the person who hit you was killed? Where did you have to go that was worth another human's life? I doubt that you can answer that question. Thank you.

D-I-V-O-R-C-E: I don't owe her nothing

Me and my wife are getting a divorce and I am wanting to let everybody know that I don't owe no bills to her and I don't owe anything to her and I wish she would hurry up and start what she needs to do and I want to put this in the news sometime this week if I can and I don't owe her nothing and I am wanting the divorce.


  1. Dammit. I bought a Jeep Wrangler.

  2. "Don't trust life to strangers" -- has this person learned nothing from Blanche Dubois?

  3. Why is my father calling in???

  4. I agree with the angry lady about texting while driving. I saw a person run a red light a few days ago because they were texting.


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