Good Morning "Mad Men"

By Keelin 

Good morning. Unless you live in a custom-built dungeon that shields you from the endless prattling of the media, you are probably aware that the hit television program "Mad Men" begins its new season on Sunday. "Mad Men" is set during the 1960s and is a sequel to the much beloved sitcom "Happy Days," which took place in the 1950s. Unfortunately, Joanie and Chachi were not available to join the cast, but Henry Winkler occasionally dons a wig to play Peggy, the naive up-and-comer from Brooklyn.

Today's "Mad Men" Weather

The 1960s were still a dark time for meteorology. For instance, if you were a housewife who wanted to know if it was going to rain at your neighborhood garden party, your only recourse was to shake a stick at the sky in hopes of placating the weather gods.

Today's "Mad Men" Fact

President Obama recently wrote a letter to the creator of "Mad Men" to say how much he enjoyed the show. Glenn Beck immediately seized on this as evidence that the president longed for the days when Fidel Castro was still a young man and had his whole life in front of him for imposing communism in the Western Hemisphere.

Today's "Mad Men" Fashion Tip

You don't look like Joan, so just knock it off. Please. You don't see me dressing like my favorite TV character, Nash Bridges.

Today's "Mad Men" Prediction

Don Draper is a woman. Think about it.


  1. I wish you would dress like Nash Bridges.

  2. I've been dressing like Murphy Brown since 1991.

  3. I set my DVR for Mad Men two days ago! CANT WAIT!!!

  4. Jake took my comment. It WOULD be another good twist if Hamm was a Hermm.(aphrodite?)

  5. i LOVE THIS!! i am so excited for sunday.


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