Life with Mikey (7-5-10)

By Mikey 

Fourth of July was yesterday and no serious injuries. I did burn my finger lighting bottle rockets, but that isn't too bad. They always say you're going to blow your arm off with fireworks, but I've never had a problem and I love fireworks.

Jeff Goldblum needs to save us from these darn remakes.

Where are the advancements in fireworks I've been hearing about since the late 80s?

Casper the ghost was friendly, but who needs a ghost as a friend?

Why do they call it boxing when there are no boxes involved? They should call it punching.

Rob Schneider gets to write movies?

Frosted Flakes are just okay.

My summer diet goal is to not have a snow cone.

I don't know why, but I have a huge craving for a turkey sandwich.

"Weird" Al and Sinbad the Sailor are two of my heros.

I hate graffiti. It's not art!

Godzilla should star in more movies.

Kids today don't appreciated a Supersoaker 50, they're all about the Supersoaker 500!

The rule "whoever smelt it dealt it" doesn't make sense.

There are tragically not very many movies where cars kill people.

Larry Bird should star in a buddy/action movie.


  1. You make a good point about having ghosts as friends. You can't even give a ghost a high-five, which is the cornerstone of friendship.

  2. I see something coming together here, Mikey. I buddy/action movie starring Sinbad and Weid Al, Larry Bird reanimates Godzilla in an attempt to rule the world, and Jeff Goldblum ends up saving the day. Written by Rob Schneider.

  3. You say "whoever smelt it, dealt it" I call "doorknob". Everyone knows a smelt is a fish, can fish smell? Which leads me to another arcane rule, "you make the pile,i pick" I always got screwed on that deal too.

  4. Graffiti IS art you nitwit!

  5. How many movies do you need where cars kill people? I can think of two off the top of my head: Christine and Cars.

  6. You f@#@ing LOVE Rob Schneider, Mikey~~! Don't front~@!!@#!

  7. why the fuck would you give up snow cones??

  8. This Life with Mikey deserved the 7 comments that it had. It's fucking insane!


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