Retro Good Morning

By Glenn 

One year ago today was a much different time in our country's history. Al Franken was sworn in as US Senator after a grueling, legally exhaustive waste of everyone's time. Health care reform was on the verge of being passed and Iraq banned visits to Saddam Hussein and Elvis Presley's graves.

Here at OYIT, Ingrid wrote a late good morning post (not unlike the one you are reading now). In it, she talks about obsessively washing her hair and introduces us to the band Yeasayer. Let's take a trip back to a more innocent time in our lives with this retro good morning post.

By Ingrid 

What the heck?! Where is this morning's good morning post? I thought something felt a little off, and now I realize this is it -- the absence of OYIT's daily greeting, which I have come to rely upon as much as oxygen, fresh water, and Pert Plus Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner.

What do you mean, "insert rest of post here"?! There IS no rest of this post! I'm not even supposed to BE here right now! I'm at work, people! WORKING! Yes, I'm still working out here in AZ...just because I live with hippies on a commune does not necessarily mean that I am one. I also still take showers, though the frequency has decreased noticeably.

So I just stopped by to admonish you for slacking on the good mornings ("you" being a general term to include anyone who has ever written one before [excepting myself since I don't have internet at my house since hippies don't believe in technology unless it is the sort of technology that helps transport them to a DMB concert or bring Jerry back from the dead].)

I feel like I should at least post a video while I'm here. One of my new hippie friends introduced me to Yeasayer (reminds me a lot of Fleet Foxes, who everyone but Jake and Benito Mussolini loves). Then he tried to sleep with me. Everyone here tries to sleep with everyone else, but you'll be happy to know I've remained relatively chaste so far.

Good Morning!


  1. I love remembering old times! Especially when someone else does it for me.

  2. OH, Ingrid... who washes your hair now...... I read the last paragraph first and thought that Glenn had a new hippie boyfriend.........

  3. Haha, this is a GM about a missing GM. How appropriate.


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