Good Morning Racists!

By Cougar & Goat

It is a well established fact that One Year In Texas is a pro-racism website. In fact, we are so racist we make Prussian Blue look like the Prussian Rainbow Coalition. But you, our readers, know this, and that's why you continue to frequent our site. I've seen the stats. I've seen the search queries. I know that at least 34% of the people that will read this post have a shaved head. You visit this site because you can't get what you need from your KKKA (Ku Klux Klan Anonymous) meetings. This site is a haven for you - a place where you can surf the purest information super highways of cyberspace, but I'm afraid I have some disturbing news. Watch this trailer:

It's true, my white brethren, and you know it all too well. Activist Judges have turned our world on its head. It's been a rough summer for us. It started when well known racist and actor Mel Gibson was ridiculed in the press. I know most of you have already memorized the telephone rant between him and his Russian wife, but I will post it here again.

He is a role model for us all, but there are others, too. And they continue to lead us through adversity.

Our favorite physician, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, has been dragged into the streets by a mob of angry east coast media elites and strung up by her microphone chord:

She was only speaking the truth! What was our White Brother thinking when he married that uppity black? Dr. Laura was just following Don Imus' lead and putting her back in her place. When will the intermingling stop? It's starting to infest our music.

It appears that some "DJs" called The Hood Internet have "mashed up" the band Grizzly Bear with a rapper, Dead Prez. It's an abomination to all the educated, white, college kids who listen to Grizzly Bear and disdain the primal sounds of today's "Jungle Music." Just listen:

The Hood Internet - Two Weeks Of Hip Hop (Dead Prez x Grizzly Bear) by hoodinternet

I bet "President" Barack Hussein Obama-Soetoro listened to that before he gave that speech endorsing the building of the radical Islamic madrassa and mosque that are being built on Ground Zero. He may call it "hallowed ground" like Lincoln at Gettysburg, but he's just trying to emulate the president that freed him.


Grizzly Bear and Dead Prez will play at the grand opening of the Ground Zero Mosque while Obama speaks at its dedication. Meanwhile, Prussian Blue will headline an opposition rally/campaign kick-off for the Gibson/Schlessinger presidential ticket. The movie Activist Judges will literally bomb at the box office when the Aryan Nation finally awakes:


  1. I had never heard the Mel Gibson celebrity voicemails until now, which was enough for me to enjoy this post. Plus all the "racism."

  2. hahaha. This was good. That video of the little girls, so innocent, yet so full of hate, was shocking.

  3. Nate, this is exactly the kind of reader outreach this site needs.

  4. that music video is highly highly disturbing and somehow kind of erotic.

  5. You and Lily should cover that song and remake the music video shot for shot.


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