Life With Mikey (8/30/10)

By Mikey 

I have been watching a lot of classic TV lately like Home Improvement. That show is funny, but don't you think it's sort of the same thing each week? I mean, how much good advice can Wilson give? He's probably due for some bad advice one of these episodes.

Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls was cool. I didn't know that aliens had magnetic skeletons.

Crazy straws might not actually be insane, but they are a fun way to drink a soda.

The only ways I take my milk is malted or shaken.

Why do they call it quick sand, it always seems slow in the movies.

I am worried about deforestation.

My parents never argued in front of me and my wife and I never argue in front of our son.

Gobstoppers are not everlasting like their name implies, but they last long enough.

Peanuts is one of my top five favorite comic strips.

Marlon Wayans is a great dramatic actor.

I hate gossip.

Somebody email my wife and tell her to make turkey for dinner.

Goofy was too goofy for my tastes. It just didn't seem realistic.

I would probably eat a marijuana brownie because I cannot say 'no' to a brownie.


  1. "i hate gossip." how controversial of you, mikey. i can't believe you didn't find a talking dog realistic!

  2. If you never saw your parents argue, how do you know they ever did?

  3. Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls was awful. You fucking idiot.

  4. How did you NOT know aliens had magnetic skulls? God Mikey, think before you speak!


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