Writing Prompts

By Jake 

Every serious writer has come face-to-face with writer's block. It is better to write through it instead of falling prey to this carnivorious roadblock. Therfore, I have taken it upon myself to provide you with some top-notch writing prompts to hopefully get you unstuck and onto composing a classic novel or novella. If you use any of these prompts make sure you send them to jake@oneyearintexas.com, unless otherwise noted.

  • Write a suicide note. Make sure not to actually commit suicide. This is just a writing prompt.

  • You were on a cruise, but the ship went down. You were not the captain, therefore you managed to escape death's sweet embrace. The only albums you have with you are Nine Inch Nails' "Fixed" and "Further Down the Spiral." Write a review of each album and send the reviews to Glenn.

  • Nobody ever attends your birthday party. Instead of wallowing in self-pity or committing suicide, imagine what it would be like to celebrate with friends, that is if you had any.

  • Pretend you believe in God. Imagine the outrageous adventures you would have at church and in Christian bookstores.

  • Imagine that you live in the United States of America. Write five paragraphs on why you are an American patriot. Really strech your imagination.

  • You own an amusement park based on the fanastic adventures of Might Mouse, the first super hero/mouse. Wirte a shore essay about what food you would serve to the patrons of your park and explain how it fits into the park's theme.


  1. Might mouse, might cat, might commit suicide.

  2. i've done number 1 more times than i care to admit

  3. Do I have a budget for the food at my amusement park? I just don't want to get halfway done and then have to start all over because I can't afford the mightiest mouse meat for my sandwiches.

  4. Haha, "Might Mouse." I wrote this as a .txt doc so sorry about the typos.

  5. I did the American patriot one!

  6. I like that you're leaving it Might Mouse. It adds some pizazz!


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