Good Morning Preemptive Funerals!

By Nate 

Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek, and Bill Murray have a new movie out called Get Low. Watch the trailer:

Oh, I'm sorry. That was a Lil Jon music video by the same name. I had my parents search for the link using the search engine Google, aka Googling, and, since they are over 45 Years Old, they found that instead. It's completely understandable though. That video has 32 million views. If this trailer gets 32 million views, the entire cast of the movie will probably get addicted to cough syrup, too.

Wait, nope, that's Lil Wayne who's addicted to syrup. Sorry, I have trouble keeping up with the Lil family: the brothers Lil Wayne and Lil Jon of course, and then there's their dog Lil Bow Wow, and their reality star sister Lil Kim Kardashian.

Anyway, the Get Low the movie trailer:

Today's Musical Artist:

Did you hear some bluegrass in that trailer? Good, your ears work, and you were able to hear The SteelDrivers (among others).

Today's Best Blog About Roosevelt Island:

Hands down it's the Roosevelt Islander. I've never even been to New York City, much less Roosevelt Island, but I know a good blog when I see one. The other blog, Roosevelt Island 360 doesn't even hold a candle.

Today's Park51/Ground Zero Mosque Update:


(When you read the acronym GZM, do you secretly say "jism" in your head?)

Today's Predictions:

Due to the traffic bump caused by the Roosevelt Island blogger's Google Alerts, the 32 people who will actually read this post will watch the Get Low trailer one million times each causing the entire cast of the movie and the Lil Family to relapse on their syrup addictions. The Lils will quit rap and R&B to become a family bluegrass band with a reality show on MTV2. Roosevelt Island, aka Welfare Island (from 1921 to 1973), aka Blackwell's Island, will sink into the East River and nobody will care.


  1. This dispute between OYIT and RI 360 is becoming more controversial than that mosque thingy wherever.

  2. This is, in three ways, the "perfect" GM post. How the fuck are there two blogs about Roosevelt Island?

  3. Nate, Glenn -

    My apologies for your feelings about my blog. Is it something I said?

    These days I am a part time blogger for various reasons. I am glad you are recognizing the Roosevelt Islander blog as its blogger I count as a friend and he puts a lot of time into it that I cannot at this time. And to be honest our blogs have always had a different feel to them.

    As for "reply" post that I published last week in response to Glenn's GM post I thought we were both having fun and being tongue in cheek. If someone took offense I can't help that.

    Have a good day. Living any other way is just not worth it.

    - Eric

  4. Glenn -

    As for how there are two blogs about Roosevelt Island? I am amazed there are only two. Should we limited to two based on geography? We have over 10,000 people living on Roosevelt Island. Are we limited to one blog per 10,000? Sorry but your question is a silly one.

  5. god, eric is KILLING IT. also: everyone, go see get low! it was a really sweet film.

  6. Eric,

    Your response post was fitting. But this does fit the strict definition of a "blog war." Manhattan has 3 million people and only 10 blogs. Why does RI have more blogs per capita than the place that will soon host the Park51 cultural center?

  7. Blog war? Was never my intention. Should I have taken your first GM post as a unilateral strike? I guess my response was a return volley. So be it. I raise the white flag so my children will continue to have their parent to come home to.

    Out of curiousity how does Manhattan have only 10 blogs? What is your source? Go to the attached link for a listing of blogs by closest subway stop and you will see there are far more then 10 blogs in Manhattan. Granted the site is out of date and currently closed but it was a great way to gauge the growth of NYC Bloggers.

  8. Maddie - Thank you for the proposal. Alas legally the time is not right for you and I. I am open to a coffee despite reports of radiation locally. Perhaps all local members of the OYIT team can join us so that an armistice can be brokered?

  9. Eric, I will come back to NYC just to see this detente!

    It will be the greatest peace conference since Yalta. In this scenario, Maddie, of course, is Churchill and Glenn is Stalin.

  10. I am of course FDR (the Island is named after him after all). Perhaps we should wait for the Four Freedoms Memorial Park at Southpoint Park to be finished and hold these meetings at that site. I hate parts of the park's design but the design is pardon the pun now set in stone.

    FDR unfortunately for me looked old and sick at Yalta. Then again I am old and lately have been sick.


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