Life With Mikey [9-13-10]

By Mikey 

How can you not have your cake and eat it too? You need to have some cake to eat it. If you don't have it then you don't eat it. End of story.

When are people going to stop saying "bling bling?"

Chris Rock's take on marriage is a little harsh.

Nobody ever says 'no' to ravioli.

Chevy Chase is one of my favorite actors.

Kids only want to read about vampires and wizards, but what do Jehovah's witnesses read?

I just went swimming for the last time this summer. I lost at Marco Polo.

Boggle is the worst present you will ever recieve.

Why aren't there any movies about lemonade? I can't even think of one where they even drink it! It's all Mountain Dew this and Rootbeer that. It just makes me sick.

Hula Hoops were not invented in Hawaii, home of the hula. Isn't that weird?

My wife tried to feed me edamame. Can you believe that?

I have nothing against tuna salad. It's decent.

The day Vincent Price died was almost as sad as September 11th, but you have to remember how big of a Vincent Price fan I am.

I have an idea for a flavor of Slurpee: coconut.

I caught 17 fish this summer. Not too bad. Plus, there's still some time to drive that number up.


  1. No comments on Mikey!? I guess he's losing his edge--even though he compares Vincent Prices death to 9-11 and talks about eating fucking cake!

  2. i say "no" to ravioli, unless it's cheese!!

  3. Haha, who would watch a movie about lemonade? Mikey, you are outrageous!


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